Jul 1, 2010

A Wedding.

One of my best friends got married on June 26 and I am so glad that Josh and I were able to attend!  Over ten years ago when we first moved to our farm, I started riding horses with 1 of 5 brothers that lived across the highway from us. Soon it became 2 of 5 brothers. They were both older than me, but only by 1 year and 3 years. 
I mostly hung out with Chris. He was 15 and I was 14. We rode horses almost everyday. When I ride horses now throughout the summer, I don't understand how I rode in the dead of summer like I use to! I would switch out horses two or three times a day, but still it is SO hot!! 
Chris and I continued hanging out with over the next five years and got a new sidekick through it, Ben. All three of us always had a good time! Riding horses, riding four-wheelers, and even hunting pigs in their hay fields. 

But, we all grew up and moved away to go to school and Chris was a missionary in Texas for the past 3 years. Chris called me around Christmas and told me that he had proposed to Crystal and I was so excited! 

So Josh and I went to their wedding a couple weekends ago! It was gorgeous! I love the Tuscan Building that the family built. It's still in progress, but when they finish it I know it will be amazing. They are going to start offering it as a place for people to get married and have a reception. There is a beautiful garden there with the perfect place to have the ceremony. 

There is Ben in the best man's spot!

Crystal and her dad

Instead of unity candle, they did the sand. I though this was really cool! They talked about how the two different colors of sand could never be put back in their original jars, that they were bound together forever.

Me and Josh

Me and Christopher

Chris and his Mom

Congratulations Chris and Crystal!!
*photo by Crystal's brother*

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