Jul 29, 2010

Pigs, baby, and pig babies!

New baby pigs!!!

This year Josh had two litters! So you get to see lots more baby pigs! I know how everyone loved them before, so I'll show you more!

Today my niece, Blair, got to go see the piggies for the first time! I think it was kind of special since they were born just last night. They are still so tiny (and loud) that they can be picked up without any problems!  
9 healthy little babies! I hope they all make it!

I just love this picture! :)

It was so funny watching Blair look at these pigs! Ashlee would pick up one and it would start screaming for it's mama! 

Then Blair would cover up her ears because it was so loud!

"Hold on a second, why isn't that thing screaming?"

I don't know if she liked them, but she gave them a try.

After we were done looking, Blair kept 'feeding' them! She's such a big helper!

Then we went over to see the other mama pig. 

It was a successful and really hot visit to Josh's pig barn!
Did anyone happen to notice the thermometer?! Crazy hot.

By the way, the first litter is getting HUGE! 

Remember Aubie?!
If you didn't see the first litter post, then go check it out! It is amazing how fast these things grow!! They'll be two months old in two and a half weeks!


Linsey said...

cute pics, mo!

Jennifer said...

Oh baby piglets are so cute! And so is that Blair. :)