Jul 11, 2010

Churchhill Downs... Amazing!

After Studying allll day, I can't wait any longer!! 

Gosh, it seems so long ago since I went to Churchhill, but I don't think I'll ever forget it!

Josh and I were driven to the track on the Hilton Garden Inn Shuttle. We were the only two people on the bus and the driver was so nice! He and Josh hit if off and started talking about all sorts of stuff. It took us less than 10 minutes to get there so their conversation was fairly short. He told us that if we were lucky he would come pick us up. He gave us his bosses number and said take it up with her! 

We headed into Churchhill Gate 1. It was Gorgeous! 
There was this statue of Barbaro at the gate. This whole post won't be on Barabaro... but Barbaro was an amazing horse that won The Kentucky Derby in 2006 and went on to run in The Preakness. He false started and was put back into the gates. Little did they know, he had broken three bones in his back right leg. After starting the Preakness, he was pulled up. He shattered his back right leg and after many surgeries he got laminitis in both of his front hooves. He was euthanized in January of 2007. When he won The Kentucky Derby, I just knew he would be the next Triple Crown Winner. What a sad story, but great horse.

Well, with it being July 4th weekend and the last day of "Derby Downs after Dark", the place was packed!! We walked through the paddock and went out to the track. Race 4 was just about to start so we walked down to the rail and watched. The number 2 horse won and guess who was riding it!
Calvin Borel!!
some of you may remember him from this post! He won the Kentucky Derby this past season on Super Saver. I had forgotten that all the big name jockeys would be there! I didn't really pay attention to them though. I was more intrigued with the beautiful horses! 

After Race 4 ended the horses for Race 5 were coming around the track. They all walked right by me! :)
They are all so elegant and beautiful!
This guy was a little more spunky than the rest, I liked him!
His name is Flying Private (he came in last! So much for pulling for the spunky ones!)
I think he liked me too ;)
He watched me the entire time he walked by!

The track was amazing. I have been to Tampa Bay Downs before, and it doesn't compare to Churchhill Downs!

The next race was 1 1/16 miles, so we got to see the horses go by twice!

Josh and I waiting on the race to start!

The bugler playing The Call to Post

I love a black horse...
Sunday Sunrise

Lucky number 8 in this race!

The race started and my camera settings were messed up so I didn't get any good pictures the first time they came by, but I got them the second time!
Lucky number 8 was ahead by a length!

The winner coming to the winner's circle!
Horse's name was "Omniscient"

Josh and I got some dinner at The Blacksmith's Grill. It was really good. We both got chicken tenders and those were probably the best chicken tenders I have ever had!
Then we went out to the paddock!

Once again... gorgeous!

Fourth of July Festivities!

I saw a guy carrying around this bag...
I never figured out what it was all about because the horse he was with was named "Ice Mist". She ended up winning race 9! I liked her when I saw her go through the paddock! We raced up to the track to watch her run and she won!
Ice Mist
See the second guy from the left.. he's the one carrying the Flint bag!

When we were in the paddock is when I snapped this photo.
I really like this photo because it shows all of racing to me. The wound up horse and all it's powerful muscles, the little bitty jockey and his legs up in those short stirrups, and then the little guy holding the horse- usually mexican- he's trying really hard to hold that big ol' horse!

Soon, we got tired and decided to leave at the end of race 10. We had a long day ahead of us with the pig sale/ride home and we were also wishing, hoping and praying that shuttle bus would come get us before all the traffic got bad! We didn't want to have to walk the mile back with all those crazy people that were there!
So I snapped this photo while Josh was calling the Boss lady.

Josh got off the phone and said he'll come get us! So we both sat down on the bench to wait for him. I kid you not... 2 minutes later Josh yells, "My man!!!" I said who the heck do you know here that you could talk to? I turned around and it was our buddy off the shuttle! He had come looking for us! His boss called him and said there was somebody to be picked up. He had just dropped another couple off and it happened to be his last run for the night! Perfect timing.

We had a blast at Churchhill. It was so beautiful and unforgettable! 
I can't wait to go back and attend THE Kentucky Derby! 

As for now, I'm excited about going to a Braves game on Thursday! My sweet Josh got me tickets for my birthday... Braves Dugout seats! We're going to have fun!!

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Jennifer said...

How fun! I have been to the horse races once. Only in Ruidoso NM, but it was still neat!
I think being a jockey would have been awesome!