Dec 17, 2009


I graduate! :)


Dec 15, 2009


I am done. With my undergraduate college career that is! I have successfully completed my Bachelor of Science in Animal Sciences Pre-Vet. phew.

It's such a good feeling. I really don't have to study until I start my masters... or maybe get into vet school... six months or more from now! AH! I'm FREE!!!!

I have spent the last four years of my life struggling with keeping my grades up and keeping my boyfriend around ;) and worrying if all my horses are standing up/walking around. Lord knows no one touches them but me! poor kids. But, on Friday December 18, 2009 I will walk on to a stage, obtain my Auburn Creed, walk off the stage, then go get my diploma in the next building. :) Then i will move back into my house where my bed is and where my horses are in my front yard. There are more plusses. I get to hang out more with my precious little niece, Blair, and see my sister and brother in law more. I get to hang out with my mom and dad and all my other family members. I'll be able to go visit my other sister and brother in law in n. al. more. my boyfriend will be 8 min away :) and i can ride my horses whenever i want!!

I also might get to make some much needed dollars! About that job.. I got the interview! I went, I think I did good, and now I'm waiting to hear back from them. I'll be ecstatic if I get it. It's perfect. I will get to play with horses... I get to start an exciting new Equine program and promote what they have. I'm excited! it's only about 7 minutes from my house so I'll be able to save in gas money and what not!

So now that I'm completely done with finals and tests and papers and studying... I am bored out of my mind! I think I have spent the last 3 hours reading through The Pioneer Woman's website. It's pretty interesting... my sister got me liking it. Thanks lin. It was my procrastination tool for the past 5 days. I put a picture into a contest, i took an atlanta quiz, i also entered another contest today. Linsey met her.. and I'm jealous. I think I want to buy her cookbook and i know my sisters are probably laughing right now cause i don't cook at all.. but i actually like trying! :)

Let's see if I have any pictures I can share to make this post more exciting...

Oooh! ooh!! :)
This is a picture of me and alllll my pre-vet buddies in THE Auburn football players locker room! Pretty cool.

And this is me and my darling boyfriend at the GT/georgia game! I had a decent time. I loved sharing that experience with him. You can't tell in this picture... but his is before all the dumb uga fans got there. I won't talk about that. Let's just say I have ZERO respect for them. except of course Josh... he's not obnoxious!

I love this picture. I took it when I was babysitting Blair. She loves horses almost as much as I do! She sure does love giving them kisses. Not just horses... all animals! Even pillow animals :)