Jul 22, 2010

Shy dog.

Doesn't she look like the most pitifulest preciousest thing in the whole wide world?
Look at those puppy wuppy eyes.
"Pa pa pa please don't do this to me, mom."

The nose.
Lola's cold, black nose.
I like taking pictures of animal parts. Horse ears, horse muzzles, dog tails...
Lola could be one scary doggy!
Oh, the spots...
She has lots and lots of spots!
Her precious ears.
Her right one is normal...
but her left one... oh her left one. It does this weird flippy back thingy.
She looks like a wittle gremlin when she gets really excited and they fly up in the air
That is one athletic dog paw if I ever saw one.
I think that if Lola were a person... she would have really long toes. and toenails.
"Hey, what are you doing back there?"
Looking at your nub, Lola Belle.
She already had her tail docked when I found her. That is why I desperately looked for her owner. Who would dock their puppies tails and not want them?! I'm glad they didn't want her! She is one of the most sweetest most preciousest dogs we have ever had!
More Polka Dots!
She even has spots on the bottom of her athletic paws.
I don't know when she does it... but she puts eyeliner on every morning... ;)

Lola belle, you wanna treat?

oh yes yes yes!! 
As she runs to the closet where we keep them!

Oh that treat looks scrumptious, divine, so delectable...
oh I really, really want that treat right now...
I need that treat...
oh man, oh goodness, so good.


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

She's adorable! Oh man :) sigh... I'm glad she found you. I have my ginger - maybe 12 years now. She was given up to a kill shelter. I dont know whats wrong with people

I love her eyebrow :)


Lauren said...

haha i was gonna say it looks like she's arching just one eyebrow

Jennifer said...

Aw, she's cute!

CHERI said...

I love Lola! She's a sweetheart. She definitely went from the trailer park to the mansion when she found you!