Feb 23, 2011

Skipping out

For those of you who have come over and visited for the WIWW post.... I'm sorry to say that I haven not taken a single picture this past week!

I have been on a break from school, kind of, with no tests this week, so I took advantage of it and didn't do much! Therefore, I didn't wear anything beyond boots, jeans, and a shirt.

Friday was clinical day again. I was in the OR! That was very interesting! I got to see a lot of orthopedic surgeries which I like a lot since I was in the orthopedic realm of things with my foot.

I spent most of my Saturday working at the pottery place. I can't even begin to remember what I wore! After work, I rode out to the pig shows with Josh for a bit. Nothing too exciting that day.

Sunday, Josh and I went to the couple's house that owns our local feed store. They have hunter/western Show Quarter horses and we wanted to see their farm. They currently have about 70 horses. They have a whole barn full of horses they are training for people! It was so amazing! I loved their barn and all the HUGE horses! Yes, huge and quarter horses. These are the big quarter horses... the quarter horses I like! (I'm not a big quarter horse fan, the ones I use to ride were fat and squatty!) These are tall, slender, huge, and gorgeous! We had a great time walking around their farm and talking to them. They also have a heard of registered bucking bull producing heifers and bulls. Really cool!! The bull "Perfect Poison"was bred by him.  His buckoff % so far is 100% this year. He only had 3 out of 16 rides complete last year! That's pretty awesome. To finish off our visit, we sat around the TV watching Nascar (which I'm not a huge fan of) and ate some yummy snacks that the wife made us! They invited us to come out whenever we wanted before we left and I intended to do so! It was a lot of fun!

Monday I worked and Tuesday was awesome. I went to class in the morning (that's not the awesome part) and then I called to see if the couple from Sunday would mind if I came back out and hung around and watched them train horses. They said come on out! So I drove over and waited around for them to get back form lunch. They arrived and we jumped right into work. She saddled up a horse and said here ya go! Go work him in the round pen for 20 minutes to get the buck out of him and meet me in the arena. Huh!? Awesome!!!
He was a 3 year old chestnut gelding... about 17 hands... gorgeous boy! His name is Duck because he's the 'ugly duckling'. Poor thing, he's not too ugly, I thought he was really pretty. I worked him in the round pen and went out to the arena. I rode around on him just like I would in a lesson or show. It was so much fun!

Here's a picture of Duck after I finished riding him
This will show you just how tall he is. I was sort of on a slop so it makes the guy look a little taller than he was... but you can still tell!

I had so much fun that they invited me back out tomorrow! I'll be out there by 8 and help out until I have to go to work. :)  So excited! 

I love being able to ride with such an awesome rider. The wife has won multiple major circuit championships. She's amazing! 

I'll let you know how it goes!

Feb 21, 2011

My phone

I'm gonna be a total copy cat right now.

Pioneer woman just did a post on 'the photos from my phone'.

If I don't have my camera... I am constantly grabbing my phone and taking pictures with it.

I need to start carrying my camera around with me... seriously.

Enjoy the insides of my phone!

I took this photo early this morning at approximately 1:03 am
I heard that bark. The bark I talk about here. The bark that signals a creature of a different sort!

I thought about writing another post on the armadillo hunters cause they're baaaack! I should have backed up 2 steps for kicks when I took this picture.... there is a dead armadillo just to the right. I think you may can see it's tail! You would think that the opossum shown here would have known better!

Silly opossum. I saved the opossum. Which... now that I think about it I shouldn't have. Opossums carry a protozoa that can potentially kill horses. A protozoa that has attacked one of my horses. He has now passed away, not from the disease, but from colic. I haven't had problems with EPM since Musket was infected.

This is my beautiful boy! I have many pictures of him. This is the most recent... shaggy nasty coat and all.

This little furball lives at my dad's work!

This is me and Flint... hearding goats.
you know we do that almost everyday around here! I've never mentioned it?? Oh.  Maybe that's because we don't own any goats!!

This is the shadows of me and my friend, Jaclyn, while we were riding one day.

Ol' Gertrude is getting up there.... We have been together for over 82000 miles! 

Lola said Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I use to be an early bird and got to see the sunrise going through the country town on the way to school. I loved the silos in the sunrise. So pretty to me! 

Coal Kitty following up his Pre veterinary degree from Auburn with a Nursing degree. Smart Coal Kitty!

Blair and Josh making (counting!) Cookies!! It's what we do best at my house. Ask my dad! Also the reason I'm carrying around a few extra pounds. Notice the giant cookie dough bucket??
  Oh yeah, Mom, we're outta cookie dough!!
Don't know why this photo is so grainy and don't know why Blair looks like she just came out of the 80's with that hair!

This.... this is a rat. It lived where I work. Not my dad's... the pottery place. Thank goodness we no longer have these!!!

And lastly,
Me and my Opie boy!!!

Feb 17, 2011

Absolutely Repulsive

If you haven't already heard, a man by the name of Harvey Updyke took it upon himself to poison the trees that are loved by so many people in Auburn. 
These trees are the trees that I stood under so many days and nights after the Auburn football team brought us to victory, the trees that hold a very dear tradition, the trees that are covered in a blanket of white after every win, the trees that are currently giving me chill bumps.... the trees that are so very loved by every single Auburn Family member.

I have written of these trees before. The Toomer's Oaks

This man put over 60 times the amount it takes to kill a single tree into the soil around each tree. He use Spike 80 DF. I don't know much about this herbicide... but the Toomer's Oaks tree caregivers are saying they will not make it through this. Also, the city is waiting to hear if this will damage their water or be toxic to the city in any way.

This man said he decided to poison the trees because he saw a 'Scam Newton' Jersey on the Bear Bryant statue during the Iron bowl. First of all... let me hear you call CAM Newton a Scam.... he's the best football player in this country right now and just because your team didn't have him doesn't mean you have to cut him and Auburn down! Second of all.... Scotch taping a JERSEY to a STATUE is no where near, not even CLOSE to being equal to poisoning 2 trees that are said to be more than 130 years old. 

Toomer's Corner  1890's

I wish that man would get a year of prison for every year that those trees lived. He can get up to 10 years if convicted... I hope he gets more than that!!!

It may seem silly to some, but these trees are a part of the Auburn Family. I know they are a part of me. So, for the Auburn Family, for the Toomer's Oak Trees, and for me.... say a prayer for these trees.

The Toomer's Caregivers have been selling baby Toomer's Oaks for a while now... I'm sure those babies are going to be going quickly.... I kind of want one of my own now.

Mr. Updyke... I don't know who you are and I don't really care. You may think you can ruin something by pouring poison on our tradition and you may think that you will make us rebel against your act... but you're only making us stronger, closer and more faithful to our Auburn Family! I'm ALL IN!! 
Oh by the way.... enjoy you're orange jumpsuit. WAR EAGLE.

Feb 16, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday #4

Josh, you can write this post for me  :)

The sentence above was written last night when I was studying and when he was lolly gagging around on my computer! No I'm kidding, he was busy building a website for some pig people! I'm sure he would have loved to write this blog post... but I think he thought that I could do a better job!

I had a test earlier today in Med Surge, so I was very occupied last night! I'm free now!!!

So here it goes! Very late... but better late than never!!

And I can't even remember what day was what. Just enjoy my clothes! ;)
Cardigan: Target
Shirt: Target
Jeans: GAP
Boots: Nocona
Necklace: Target (love my elephant!!)
Earrings: Target
Ring: Gift from Grandmother. Smokey Quartz

I do know that this day was the day I took Lola to the vet!  I made her get in the picture!
Shirt: GAP
Jeans: GAP
Boots: Nocona
Dog: Lola :)

Ok, so maybe I can remember most of these days from what I'm wearing.. haha!
Obviously, this is me wearing Scrubs.
Clinical day at the hospital!
Scrubs: Cherokee
Shoes: New Balance from Kohls

Cardigan: Target
Shirt: Target (very old)
Boots: Nocona
I was very proud of myself for this outfit... I pulled this shirt out of my 'go to goodwill' pile! Since I got into the cardigan fashion... I have so many more shirts I can wear!

Same outfit as the last one.. different shirt. 
Hey, I can wear the same thing if I don't see the same people!! 
Shirt: Old Navy
Plus, I was super excited about my new cardigan! :)


Run over to Smitten Mintons and look at this awesome giveaway!!! 
y'all know I love me some target!

Feb 14, 2011

My Love

There is a boy that has my heart...

this boy... he is really a handsome man...

and he that has treated me like a princess since the day we met!

He will never know just how much I love him...

or how much I love his silly faces!

This is for you my love and the great love that we share...

And all the memories that we have left to make!

I am so happy to have you as my valentine! There is no one else in this world that I would rather share my life with. Knowing this day was made to tell you how much I love you, there really are no words to tell you exactly how much! 

I love you so much, Joshua!
Happy Valentine's Day, my love!

And Happy Valentine's Day to ALL my family and friends! I love each and every single one of you! I hope you have a great day with your valentine! :)

Feb 10, 2011

Today is the day!

My sister is currently in her 18 week sonogram to find out if her and Ben's baby is a boy or a girl!!

Josh and I are begging for a boy! We want it to be a raising cain little thing like Ben was! We're really just kidding around with Lin! 

I think my mom and other sister are pulling for a baby girl!

I don't really care if it is a boy or girl... I'm just happy to be Aunt Mo to another precious little baby!!!


Giveaway!! Look at those beautiful camera straps. I already have one my sissy made... but it could be a great gift for someone! And they have precious nurse retractable nurse badges... I'm gonna have to get one!
Love Stitched
Go see!!

Feb 9, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday #3!

What a week it has been!!  My brain has been begging me for a break. I have studied non stop for the past 2 weeks for 3 different tests. I had 2 tests yesterday... I did well on one and I haven't found out about the other! We'll see!!!

So, I took a break when I got back from school yesterday! I threw on my boots (Of course I already had my trusty rusty Noconas, but they aren't allowed to go riding on horses... my Ariats have to take care of horse business!), so I threw on my boots, grabbed my saddle and bridle, and decided which horsey was going to have the pleasure of taking me around! I chose lizzie first. She has been acting up a little bit lately, being like her mama was, so I did a little 'training' on her for about 30 minutes. She did very well and rewarded her by putting her back out with her buddies. For the rest of the day I rode Rose and my friend, Jaclyn, tagged along on SoBe! We had a good ride followed by some yummy mexican with Josh!

A good horse riding break was had :)

Onward to WIWW! Number 3 for me!

Linking up with The Pleated Poppy!!

the pleated poppy blog

This week was so busy for me, hence I forgot to take a few pictures...
Thursday was my day off from the camera.. haha
Friday, I was in scrubs all day. Maybe I'll remember to catch it this week before I strip out of the germ infested things!

Starting with Saturday!
Working at the pottery Studio
Shirt: GAP
Scarf: Gifted
Vest: GAP
Jeans: GAP
I think I will try to avoid all GAP for the rest of the month!
Boots: Noconas!

Better picture of my scarf from Anna!

Missed church, went to subway and studied all the live long day
Hat: Dad's work
T-Shirt: College of Ag Auburn
Jacket: Mountain Hardware, gift from Josh!
Jeans: GAP
Boots: Nocona (Told you I wear them everyday.)

Work and study
Shirt: Gift from the Sister!
Jeans: GAP
Boots... you can guess!

I absolutely love this shirt. It's by far the funkiest thing I have!
The brand is "Snap"
Maybe sister will comment and tell us where she got it! :)

And Tuesday... I can't even remember what I wore!
Um, Jeans and... t shirt! My Auburn SEC Champ t shirt :)
Forgot to get a picture of that one! I was so excited to finally be able to ride my horses!!

Hope everyone has a fantastic week!

Feb 5, 2011

Our Cat's Water Bowl

I may be the only one that thinks this is funny, but I just had to share!

The whole time I watched her... I thought, What would happen if she fell in that trough?

Then I just laughed

She also tried to eat Flint's food (This cat is like... a garbage disposal). She eats anything. He doesn't share his food, but I guess he doesn't mind sharing water!

Feb 2, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday #2

Hello everyone! 

Hope everyone has had a great week. Mine has consisted of studying, working, admiring my horses in the pasture, studying, wishing I could ride my horses that are bored in the pasture, and studying. Did I mention studying?

I did get to go to work on Saturday at the Pottery Studio and have a little fun. 

Linking up with The Pleated Poppy!

the pleated poppy blog

Oh, and I swear I'm going to find a new picture place one day so that my pictures aren't so dark. There is a window on the other side of my room and it doesn't help. Or, maybe I'll try to letting down the blinds! Sometimes I come up with the greatest ideas.. haha

Sorry for the horrible quality of this picture. It was the only one I liked. So blurry it is.
Friday: Work for dad
Black shirt: Target
Cardigan: Target
Jeans: GAP
Black Boots: Rampage (Belk?)
Hairdo: Reagan at HDOF
Love her by the way.

Saturday: Work for Pottery studio
I really want a pair of mustard leggings for this outfit.
Dress: Forever 21
Leggings: Forever 21
Boots: Style&co (Dillards)

Love my boots! :)

Sunday: Church
Dress: GAP
Cardigan: Target
Stockings: Target
Shoes: Nine West

Sunday After Josh said I looked like an old school teacher...
So I changed into this and he still made fun of me for my jeans rolled up!
Study day.
T-Shirt: Auburn :)
Jeans: GAP
Socks: GAP

Monday: Work for dad
nothing special
Shirt: GAP
Jeans: GAP
Boots: Nocona

This has made me realize I have a lot of GAP clothing. 

I'll spare you Tuesday... tshirt and jeans and yucky hair day!

I have my first Med Surge test today. Woo.. hoo..

Please just wish me a little luck! I don't need very much. Or maybe I do.

Thanks for visiting! :)

Feb 1, 2011

Some Things You Don't Know About Me

1. I had an epidural at the age of 14.

Interesting huh?

Nope, no babies here.

2. I had 3 surgeries on my right foot after one of my horses decided to accidentally fall and crush me and my foot to pieces.

Yes, I still ride her! And so does everyone else, she's one of my 'beginner horses'. Shh don't tell!

3. My foot looks like it has a railroad track on it. Sort of. Scars are cool.

 Each one has it's own story. Sometimes good, sometimes bad.

Like the scar I have on my hand that is about an inch long... Josh and I were tussling and I managed to scratch all the layers of skin off my hand with my own fingernail. Now I think about Josh every time I look at my hand.

4. If you bite your nails around me and make that popping, ticking, clicking whatever it is kind of sound... I will stare you down.

Same for smacking. Gross.

5. I swam with dolphins in Mexico & Manatees in Boca Grande in my grandfather's backyard.

6. I was never the type to party in college. I studied hardcore all the time. Ask my friends.

7. I do not like Broccoli. We aren't friends anymore since I tried to hide them under my chair cushion at supper time.

8. Number 7 was not recent.

9. I got a little excited today when I saw McDonald's had My Little Pony toys in their happy meals. I couldn't get one because it was breakfast time.

10. One time, I wanted to feed my little mouse friend that lived upstairs in our old house so I stole some of my sister's easter candy and put it on the floor for him/her to eat. I think about that all the time.