Nov 28, 2010

Spontaneity of Josh and Molly

We had already talked about it the week before. We weren't going to go. It was a horrible experience last year and we really didn't want to have to go through that again. Plus... it was at 7:45 pm...

At 2:15 pm on Saturday afternoon, Josh and I were on the way back from Clothing Carnival and I received a text from friend Ashlee. I read it, and re read it. I thought and re read it. I decided I would read it to Josh...

"I know it's extremely short notice but tom has two extra ga-ga tech tickets for thirty dollars if you and josh are feeling spontaneous"

"I feel spontaneous" Josh blurted out with a huge smile on his face!

So, we were off to the UGA vs GT game for the second year in a row!

We left by 3:30 and it took us an hour and fifteen minutes to travel a distance of what usually takes 30 minutes. Wreck after wreck on the interstate was holding us back. We decided to get off and go some extra back roads! We finally made the 2 hour trip in 3 hours and 10 minutes. We got the tickets, got some DQ in our tummies, and started walking for the stadium!

It was Josh's first game in Stanford Stadium and he was pretty excited about it!

It was a really good game! We sat by some really nice people (unlike last year) and they weren't obnoxious at all! I was very proud of those georgia fans! 
I use to HATE Athens. I have never really had a good experience while in that town (except when I went to the UGA/Auburn game with my sister and Auburn won)... and now I have had one. Josh is planning to go to school there after next year, so I have a feeling that Athens and I might be able to get along after all!

I tried as hard as I could to pull Tech to a victory! I never gave up hope! That interception in the last 50 seconds was just no good... I do think they deserved to win it a little more than UGA did. Tech just played better!

After the game Josh and I walked the famous tracks outside the stadium...

  We were invited to Ashlee's house and got to spend some time with her and Tom after the game. Josh and I really enjoyed their company! Ashlee is one of my role models for photography. She takes the most gorgeous pictures! Hopefully we'll get to see a little more of Tom and Ashlee in our hometown!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! Now back to school and studying...


Nov 26, 2010

Successful Black Friday

I had a very successful day today.

This place... it was/is my best friend.

You see.... This place is the only place that makes jeans that fit me. Well, in other words, this place is the only place makes the jeans that I don't ride horses in!!

I wasn't sure if their jeans were going to be on sale today, but when I walked in the door at 6:10 this morning... I saw "50% OFF on EVERYTHING". Heck yes! Does that mean jeans!? yes? yes!!!

I bought five pairs.


I love GAP.

I love perfect boot.

I saved two-hundred and fifty three dollars and fifty cents.


I think it looks better written out...

I also bought some new shirts that I'm pretty excited about! ($10 each) Solid long sleeve shirts that I can wear with all my fluffy vests that I am ready to pull out. also a few shirts with this silky lined v neck... mmm I'm excited about new clothes!!

I rarely buy new clothes and I really had to take advantage of all the sales since I won't be getting my usual new load of clothes for Christmas from Santa! Santa is taking us to Colorado. :)

I also got my cousins gifts at Target and my niece a present from a very special place! I'll share later on... I don't want her mommy to know!

Did you have a successful black friday!? Or... did you just skip out all together! :)

Now if I can just get my hands on some of these boots.... sigh
or these. I put my hands on them today at Belk... They felt like heaven!

WAR DAMN EAGLE!!!  (So sorry... but we're undefeated!!! 12-0!)
On the way to the SEC Championship!!! Then HOPEFULLY the NATIONAL Championship!! We did just beat the National Champions of 2009!! :D

Nov 21, 2010

Happy Birthday....


I won't tell you how old he turned... he's a baby and I get made fun of enough for it! (How old do y'all think he is!?) :)
I just wanted to let everyone know that he had a great birthday weekend. He started off with a round of golf on Saturday. His dad invited my parents to dinner and we all went to Jim Shaws! (That's where we usually go on date night... we love that place!) Sunday... more golf and then momma Jan surprised him with a chocolate cake! His favorite! Half of it is at my house now... and I'm really excited about that. Oh, and Josh brought me flowers on his birthday... what a sweetheart!! No really, he's the best boyfriend I've ever had. Like his grandmother said after she started eating that yummy cake... I'm so glad he fell in love with me. :)

I told mom that he fell into the right family.... he's got good birthday cake for life!!

Happy Birthday Joshua!! I love you SO much!!!!

I also had a pretty good weekend. My roommate from college came up to visit and we got all my horses ridden! Even the fat ones! :) It was good seeing Rhiana and I'm glad she got to come up! We helped mom with a catering job on Friday night and then we rode horses all day saturday. She even came along for Josh's birthday dinner! Sunday we rode some more and she headed home after lunchtime. It was a good weekend!

Nov 15, 2010

Sneak Peak #1

Here are a few shots of the wedding I did last weekend. Enjoy!

Nov 13, 2010


I promise that I am going to come up with something fun to write about.

Once again I have been studying my life away!  It actually paid off this week.  98 on my medication administration and drug calculation test!

 (Thank you again Auburn Chemistry Department for giving me that horrible teacher Mrs. Baker that actually did teach me things! Too bad she got fired for failing too many students the semester following my Chem 2 class. She didn't fail me, obviously!)

On a another good note......



I wish I could go, but I  have to work all day. I will be off to watch the game though. Just in time.

And I am wearing my Aubie shirt to work! :)

Oh and this post had nothing to do with potatoes. Except that I ate one on Thursday night. I just liked the title! :)

Nov 9, 2010

Facebook #2

Excuse my friends venting about everyone picking on OUR boy!! The greatest college football player this season.
According to sources, Cam Newton drinks straight from the milk carton.
..........Another source confirms that when he was 3 he stole a cookie from the cookie jar. This man has no integrity. How could Auburn have recruited someone with this kind of a past?
..........I heard he was caught doodling in his Algebra class instead of listening to the teacher. Twice!

Cam Newton was probably behind 9/11, right FoxSports? What an awful, awful person.
........Not to mention the JFK Assasination
.......And Y2K
.......And he killed Jesus. Jews officially off the hook sorry i know it was a few years ago.. but sort of a sore subject..

One time Cam newton got a speeding ticket...#stuffthatreallydoesntmatter

An attack on Cam is an attack on Auburn. An attack on Auburn is an attack on me. #istandwithcam

10 and 0 baby gta keep grindn tho. Wde

Dear Snowbirds migrating South, Please get OUT of left (fast) lane!!

tengo hambre.

would not be a good birdwatcher...6:00 am + Cold + Patience = Tired & Grumpy Anna lol  
Best friend!!! You should have made Chris go with you... bahaha!

So you can run and tell that homeboy!

figured out that her neighbor's light switch cuts off all electricity in my house...need to get that one fixed stat

Bored, bored, bored, bored, bored. Who wants to come fill in for me on bedrest??

Once upon a time there was thing called the weekend. I want mine back.

Nov 7, 2010

A big boy!

My baby Opie is growing up!!

Excuse my boots.. haha! I usually don't wear them like this.. but I had my 'good' jeans on! 

He's huge!!! 
Compare to when he was a baby....

Awww he was so cute! He still is!!

Josh just said "I can't wait til he's full grown!"
Remember that picture of the cow at the fair? She was about 5 1/2 foot tall. Maybe taller. He's going to be a really big boy!

Nov 3, 2010


Meet Melody.

She was my very own first horse! Wasn't she a precious little doll!!
She wasn't quite pony sized... but she wasn't huge either. Actually, she was just big enough for me not to be able to get the bridle on her... little brat. When I first got her my dad would have to come over to the barn almost every single time and help me get the bridle on her. 
I lost my patience often with this poor horse. She was a good little horse... but she was stubborn as a mule!! As I grew, I became the boss and she became a pretty good kids horse! She was spunky but cool. She just looks spunky to me!

I was often called a little indian or something like that. I don't remember this, ok maybe I do... but my sisters always talk about how I use to kick the mess out of Melody and say YAAAHH YAAHH!  and just take off running! bahaha! I did love her.

We had her for probably 7 or 8 years. I started breeding horses and they started having babies (including miss priss herself) and I had bigger and better things to work with. We decided to sell Melody. We sold her once to some people and told them we would take her back if it didn't work out.... well we found out that Melody was not a fan of goats. They brought her back.

She had 2 foals. My lizzie and my precious Scout.
They always stuck right next to each other until Scout got cancer. I still have precious lizzie! (she's the horse in my header, btw!)

Melody was an interesting horse! We ended up selling her to a couple that lives about 30 minutes away. They bought her for their 12 year old daughter. I think about little Melody often. I haven't been able to get in touch with the people that owned her... I always wonder if she's doing ok and was a good horse for that little girl!

Here are a couple more pictures!

This one you can tell how small she was! She's in the middle next to Sassy! Rose is behind her.

I'll never forget my first horse!
I'm just glad I have Liz to carry on her craziness! Although, Liz really isn't crazy! She's pretty awesome!