May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to a terrific mother!

There is NO way to describe how much she has done for me and all my sisters and brothers.

 She raise one heck of a family with the help from my daddy! Somebody had to do all the spanking... and it definitely wasn't her! :)

She is so loving and giving. We had some of the best Christmases around our house all because of her! She would hide all our 'good' Christmas presents inside the others and we would find them. She bought us our clothes, cooked our food, and kept us girls from dating looney boys. 

 She juggled five kids (twin boys at that), managed a business, cooks wedding cakes, caters weddings and events, and still has time to be the best mom around! Everyone notices it and asked us how she manages! 


She's supermom! 

The best mom ever and I'm glad she's mine!

Thanks for everything you have done for me mom! You will always be appreciated and loved!