Oct 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

Josh's pumpkin! 
He drew this himself. How talented he is. 

I did now draw this. I used the book from walmart that comes with all the carving tools.
It was called "Coal in Boot".
Get it?

It's my Coal Kitty!!!

and WAR EAGLE! :)

Oct 28, 2010

Dumb Chemistry.

I hated chemistry. I hated organic chemistry more than regular chemistry. I hated biochemistry more than organic chemistry. I hated physics as well. I did like physics more than organic chemistry though.

Auburn's Chemistry department had the hardest teachers... ever. Physics department too. The average on most of our physics exams was 50. One time it was a 40-something. I made a 60-something on that test. I'm not gonna lie... I did bad in physics.

Chemistry was a little better. The average test grade was usually a 70. I did o.k. in chemistry. But I still hated it.

My point is...

Did you ever have a class that you absolutely HATED?! I always always always said "I am never going to use this stuff! Why do I have to take these ridiculously hard classes!?"

Now, today, I would like to say "Thank you Auburn University for making me take those ridiculously hard classes. Because today in Clinical Therapeutics, I understood Drug Calculations! So, thank you for make me learn how to convert Moles to grams... even though I don't have to do that... it's more like mcg to mg. I never thought I would see that annoying t-box, as I call it, again. I saw it today and I flew through those 10 problems. The class only got to number 3 and I felt accomplished!"

See... you never know when you may use something that you learn in school!

but... I really doubt I will ever need to know just how fast that ball rolls across the floor... or how fast the car goes down the hill in neutral... or when exactly the boy needs to jump off the branch to fall on the back of a horse running underneath it at a certain speed.

So, thank you Fundamentals of Chemistry. Physics, you are still pointless.

Oct 25, 2010

An Awesome Weekend

Friday Morning Josh and I set out for AUBURN!! I looooove Auburn. I missed it so.

We got there around 11:30 and met the girl that was selling me a student ticket.  Then We met up with my best friend, Anna, on campus and I  proceeded to go visit my two favorite professors and all of the project uplift leaders! We ate lunch with Anna at the Pita Pit and then proceeded to go get my little brother from school!

I am quite sure I have mentioned it before, but I know I have quite a few new readers so I'll mention it again! 

I got involved in Project Uplift when I was a Freshman. I picked out a little boy to be my 'little brother' and I have now been his big sister for 5 years. I have watched him grow and he is an absolutely amazing little boy!  I even got "Longest volunteering female' my senior year! When I went through training for the program... they prepared you for the worst. Kids that steal credit cards, try to remember your pin on your debit card, steal cars, shoplift, hit and punch, and an ongoing list of things. That didn't scare me away. I picked out Damon and he has been an ANGEL! He never did anything that I had to punish him for! He doesn't have any siblings, so that is why he was put into the program. Most kids are there because they lost a parent, have a tough time in school, or just need some guidance. I got lucky with my little 'scooter'.

So I surprised him at school and checked him out early! Josh and I took him over to TCBY where he got a strawberry smoothie and Josh and I got some ice cream. We hung out for a little bit and went and saw his mom at work! She's in her late 20's and she's really cool! We get along well and I love going to her work! She works at a daycare and those kids are hilarious! 

After we left there it had been a few hours since I picked Damon up and his dog needed to be let out so I took him back home. It was so good being able to hang out with him for a few hours. And he has gotten SO tall!! Here is a picture from this weekend. He's so precious!

We headed over to Anna's house, stopping to see her at work before we got there. We got a full tour of the small animal hospital! hehe! Josh wanted to see the large animal hospital... but I didn't really think Dr. Waguespac would be working! (He's the doctor that took care of Scout!). Josh and I decided to go get dinner while we waited for Anna to get off work. I got yumminess from Big Blue Bagel and Josh got yucky Taco Bell! JK! That day.... they had the BEST cinnamon twists I had ever had. 
After dinner, we hung out with Leslie and her boyfriend, Bradley, for an hour or so, then we went and hung out with my friend Kayla and her boyfriend, Clint, for an hour! We had a great time seeing everyone! :)

We headed to the house and Anna was just pulling up from work! She had a cake to bake so we all sat in the den/kitchen and watched her make the cake and talked about all sorts of things. We had a busy day ahead of us so we all went to bed!

Saturday, Anna being the awesome friend that she is dropped me Josh off on campus before she went to work. We got to Kayla and Clint's tailgate at about 10:00 AM. Shrimp, Potatoes, and Corn on the cobb awaited us! 
Cooked by Kayla's boy, Clint!

It was pretty good Cajun cookin'!

Me and Kayla!

and Joshua!

Josh and I decided we would go get in line for the game! The gates were going to open at 11:45 am for the 2:40 kickoff. We got to the gate at about 11:00 and there were already at least 1000 people in line. Yes, Auburn students are crazy about their Tigers!
We waited until 11:45, got into the stadium and scored some 45 yard line seats with Leslie and Bradley! Now the waiting part- 3 hours til kick off.....

There was plenty of entertainment with all the crazy people that were dressed up and plenty of time for pictures!
Me and Leslie!

Leslie and Bradley

One downfall of sitting in the student section is that you miss Tiger Walk!
But... we do get to watch it on the HD jumbotron! (First HD jumbotron in the SEC and second in the NCAA! pretty coooool!)

Cam Newton!!

The team praying around the AU in an empty stadium... except for the thousands of students.
Don't you think that just pumps them up for them to know that we are all there!! I just think that's awesome!

Then it magically fills up to the brim!!

The game was AWESOME! It was nonstop goodness. 
The opening video for the football players is what REALLY gets the student section going... you can watch it ">here!
Fitting song.. huh?  :)

I screamed more than I have ever screamed in my life and I jumped more than I have ever jumped in my life! It was so much fun! My voice is a little sore.. but me feet aren't! haha

Final Score... aaaamazing!
and Cam Newton cheering with the end zone sitters!

During the celebration! :)

After the game was over and all the celebration singing had ended we headed to Toomer's Corner with the other 87,000 people! It was packed!!

Anna was there!!! yaya!!

And my little Georgia Tech pullin' brother John came! Auburn shirt in tow!

And last, but definitely not least!!!

We were all ecstatic that Auburn won!!

WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!

After the Toomer's Corner celebration, Josh, John and I walked to visit some friends of ours alll the way up on the other side of campus. Then we walked alll the way down to the other side of campus to Momma G's!! MMMM!!!

We met up with Anna, got John to his car and headed to the house. We were exhausted!! 
I woke up the next morning and got a paper. Bitter sweet front page photo. I plan on framing it at some point. The game and season that led us to be #1 in the BCS Polls for the first time in Auburn History!!! It'll be cool in 30 years. :)

Before we left, I stopped by the bookstore and got some t- shirts. I also had stopped by Comer (ag building) on Friday and had bought some College of Ag t-shirts... so I scored 4 t shirts this weekend!

I got my last fill of Big Blue Bagel, while Josh got more Taco bell... haha!
Then we headed out!

I can't WAIT to go back! I can't believe I hadn't been back before now. Hopefully we'll get to go to the UGA game... and I will not support Josh's wearing red cause we allll know he's turning into an Auburn Tiger! Right now he's just a little cub!  ;) 

I would like to write a special note to Anna:
Anna, Thank you so much for having us over this weekend! You are such an amazing friend and I don't know how I will ever repay you! This was one of the best weekends I have ever had! Thank you again for helping it happen! I am so blessed to have you as one of my bestest friends! I can't wait to see you again! Hopefully it will be sooner than five ridiculous months! lol I love you friend!!!!!

Oct 23, 2010

War Eagle!!!!!

And for my fellow blog readers... I never mentioned our awesome tradition...

This is what the trees downtown look like after we win! :)

LSU messed with the wrong Tigers!!

Oct 21, 2010


The giveaway is at my sister's blog Across The Branch!

She is a fabulous blogger. She mostly writes about my little niece, Blair, but she'll teach you how to pick cotton, too!!

She also cooks, a lot! The giveaway is related to cooking... and it's awesome!

Go check it out!! :)

Oct 19, 2010

THE Georgia National Fair

THE best fair ever.

Want a list of things I ate over the 4 times I went there?!
(Please note: not all of these items were all eaten on the same day. These items are spread over 4 days and I did not eat 2 of one thing in one day... got it?!)

I should have taken pictures of everything! Oh well.

3 Gyros
2 Chocolate covered frozen bananas (with nuts)
1 Dippin' Dots... wait.. 2. (Both Mint Choc)
1 Chocolate covered Cheesecake (I didn't eat all of it.. in my defense! hah)
3 bags of cotton candy (ok maybe four- I lost count. it's my fav. and josh helped with all three!)
1 Fried Green Tomato Sandwich
1 Regular size corn-dog (they do have footlongs,ya know.)
1 Curly fry (actually 1/2)
1 Pina Colada (From Joe the Pineapple guy...)

I got away without eating Funnel Cake, Roasted corn, Giant turkey legs, Pizza, and so much more.

Speaking of Turkey legs... the people that work in those giant booths are hilarious!! Josh and I walked by and the black guy said 'Come on ova' hera! Get yo' turkey leg! You can chew chew chew!" Josh replied "I don't want no turkey leg!! I'll break my tooth tooth tooth!" Turkey guy says "Oh you ain't gon' break yo' tooth! You just gotta chew chew chew!" hahaha... ok maybe you had to be there, but it was hilarious!

Like I said, I went to the fair 4 glorious times. Didn't pay once to get in! :) That is an accomplishment.

I tried to take lots and lots of pictures my last day, but when it got down to it, I was so hot and didn't feel like taking pictures. So, I missed a lot of things- but I did get some with my cell.

I really wanted to ride the camel, but it was ridiculously expensive... as is everything at the fair. It's a dollar to look at a horse. It's a dollar to look at a cow. I can go in my front yard and see those!

Josh and I did watch 2 classes of the draft horse show. Was I in heaven, you ask? Oh, yes, I was. They are amazing horses. Notice their feet in the pictures. I wouldn't be able to trim those  clonkers on my own!

I did get to go to the petting zoo and see Jed the Giraffe! I loove giraffes. And he was too cute. That's where my cell came in handy!

They also have kangaroos, sea lions, zebras, and pigs. :) What's the fair without going to the pig shows?! Well, the smell really isn't worth it, but Josh and I did watch a of couple shows.

Overall, the fair was a success. I rode the claw and that was all I really cared about! I couldn't get Josh on the ferris wheel, so we watched the fireworks after the ski show on the grass! Definitely not in the splash zone though. They had a ski boat that was going crazy fast and had skiers splashing people (in 50 degree weather)... Josh and I thought that pond was seriously 4 feet deep. They must be pros! :)

Me and my Joshua! 
I promise we're at the fair.. haha! I wish I would have gotten a picture of us in front of the lake/ferris wheel and what not. oh well! This one of us standing in the livestock area is just as good!

My mom could have slaughtered these cake people. Have you SEEN Elmo?!

Hypnosis show
Recall: This is what Joshua looked like the first time I ever saw him... tee hee hee!

I have ever clarified how big Opie is going to be?! Well this is how big.... ok, acutally bigger.

We should I know that I was going to track down where the horses were...
And did I!?! These are my Favorites!!

Ahuh ahuh. I want one so.

How could anyone not love those massive shoulders and those huge feet!!
This is a Belgian for those of you who do not know! 
I would really much rather have one of these  clydesdales! :)

Alligator anyone!?

and My fav...

My favorite kind of fireworks and my favorite person. All in the same picture! 

52 Weeks til the fair!

Oct 17, 2010

You know that saying...

"There's a Snake in My Boot!!!"  said by the little cowboy in Toy Story when you pull his string?!

Well... I have a new saying!

"There's a Snake Loose in My House!!"

Dear Minnie,
Please do NOT learn how to climb stairs while you are on the prowl.
I would rather you sleep in my brothers' beds than in mine. 

Your sister Molly

Oct 14, 2010

Pioneer Woman Edits

I love photography assignments! This week we got a 'special' assignment!
Pioneer Woman asked us to edit this photo...



I'm working on another!!

Oct 12, 2010


What are your friends saying on their Facebook pages.  Or Twitter?  Is it funny?  Is it weird?  Is it what they ate for dinner?  Well share it here on The Status Quote with Emmy and CA Girl!  Simply post those funny, strange and daily posts of your friends.  Please exclude names and locations.  And then, link up!

did you know that elephants have been known to die of broken hearts?

I just locked myself out of my house. So now, I'm sitting on my back porch watching my dog, Aphid, laugh at me until the roommate comes home....in an hour and a half.

is in desperate need of a valium today.
If you hear of some crazed person running down the street screaming slurs, please don't call the police, just take me home and give me a sippy cup of vodka.

The commercials for the Bounce dryer bar annoy me. The woman says, "Not having to put the dryer sheet in is one less thing I have to do." Lady that's, like, the EASIEST part of my day. Don't take that away from me.

BREAKING NEWS----- Energizer Bunny arrested & charged for battery!   (rimshot)

There is a group of strange, drunk people outside the office and one of them is singing at the top of their lungs in a very off key voice...can this place get any more retarded!

‎2 more hours... I'm sure that starving a pregnant lady is illegal!! Its gotta be!!

Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about YOU!-1 Peter 5:7

We're all going to miss having Bobby Cox in the dugout! Thanks for so many great years!

Trailer Trash Bash!

just ate a fresh pomegranate! It's like little bursts of juice in every bite. I love it =)

watching baby pot belly pigs run around the race track n jump into a swimming pool all for an oreo cookie at the fair. fun, fun!!

Oct 11, 2010

Horses, Cotton Candy and Josh Turner

This weekend was a good weekend!! I already warned everyone about all the fun I was going to have... and it was had!!

Minor disclaimer to this post.... I didn't take many pictures this weekend. Sad face. 

Anna and Chris arrived on Friday night and we started the weekend off with a little bit of Mexican food!

Saturday we woke up and went riding. Chris had never ridden before and he looked like a dang pro! He is a police officer, so I told him that when he gets back to Jackson that he needs to tell the squad that he can be their mounted officer! :)
Chris and Anna

I had planned on going to Blair's birthday party at lunch time, but there was a little bit of confusion and I decided that I wasn't going to be able to go. I was really, really excited about her party and I am really upset that I had to miss it. Her cake that my mom made was precious, along with the cookies my sister made! 

To see more fun stuff and pictures from her birthday, visit my other sister's blog!

After our horse ride, Josh arrived at my house from doing pig stuff and we took off for the Georgia National Fair!! First thing we did was eat. :)
Let me just go ahead and list out for you what I ate that day: 1 Gyro, 1 Frozen Banana dipped in Chocolate, 1 small Dippin' Dots (Mint Choc), 1 bag of cotton candy, and I think that's it for Saturday. That wasn't too bad!
We met Chris and Crystal (my neighbors from across the street) at the clock tower and got the game plan together. 
So, the 6 of us head out for the exhibits after we stuffed our faces with yumminess. We went through the building that has all the people selling things first. There is jewelry cleaner, candy, mattresses, purses, jewelry, these weird hair things that wrap through your ponytail, fat burners, exercise machines, and lots of publicity on vacations and what not. I got my ring cleaned and that's it! 
On the way out of the building I got a surprise! My friend and longlost roommate from Auburn had come up from Florida with her new roommates and she was walking in the door! It was so good to see her! I haven't seen her since we graduated I don't think! We visited for a few minutes and she went back outside with us. The famous hypnosis show was going on, so we sat there and watched the end of that! (At the end of this post is a special feature! :)
During the hypnosis show we lost Chris and Anna and I didn't have their phone number, so I was a hawk looking for them. We didn't find them so I prayed they'd call me if they got too bored!

After the Hypnosis show, we started towards the Art building and looked at all the photography and woodcarving. We finally found Chris and Anna! Well, they found us! They had walked into another building and called me, so they came and met up with us in the McGill building. We then proceeded to the ride section where we rode my favorite ride! The CLAW! I forgot how high that ride went!! But it's so much fun and just about the only ride that doesn't make me sick!

We rode rides until about 7:00 then we headed back towards the clock tower to meet up with my mom and sister before Josh Turner!

When we got into Josh Turner, Steel Magnolia came on first. They were pretty good, but I liked Josh Turner better! He is dreamy :) But, like I said on this picture I put on facebook... "He ain't no Josh Rab...!" I know I know... not good grammar.. but it's really between Josh and me. He always says that to me! haha
Here is the only picture I got... with my cell.

After Josh Turner was over lingered around then we headed home!

Sunday was a very relaxed day. My sister went riding with us and then we went over to Josh's barn to see the piggies! I do have some pictures from the barn, but I haven't put them on my computer yet.. so check back.
We got back to my house, gave her dogs a bath, and watched them play with lola.

Then they headed out. I loved having Chris and Anna here! It's like having to awesome roommates! haha! I'm ready for them to come back and visit! Josh and I will definitely be going to see them sometime very soon!! Like... 2 weeks for Auburn vs LSU!

Speaking of Auburn.... Undefeated!!!! I love being a true Auburn Tiger! It feels SO good!!! :)
War Eagle!!

It was a great weekend!! Now I can't wait to go back to the fair!! I'll take my camera this time!!!
Did I ever tell y'all about the hypnosis show story? I don't think I did... ok here it goes! Even if I did tell it... I love telling it so I'm going to tell it anyways! :)

In October of 2007 during the fair,  I was sitting in the audience watching the hypnosis show and it was hilarious! There was one particular guy that was super funny. He just kept saying the funniest stuff! I was taking little videos of him on my phone (which you can't do anymore) and put some of them on facebook. I thought he looked about my age, but I didn't know or recognize him. I always wondered who that guy was, but didn't stick around to find out. He made me and everyone else laugh SO hard that day! Well, come to find out, on May 19, 2008 I met that handsome fellow. That was the day that I went back to work at the vet's office when I got back from school for the summer! It took me a couple weeks to figure out where I had recognized this guy from and I finally figured it out... the hypnosis show! I showed him those videos and we couldn't believe it. Now, me and my Joshua have been together ever since! :) 
Here's a few of the little video clips..... Enjoy!!!
(Josh... don't kill me please! haha)

Josh is hypnotized in ALL these videos but the last two!!
Josh is wearing green shirt/navy shorts- sitting 4th from the left in most videos.
Josh hypnotized- singing Ricky Martin

Josh after singing being asked where his microphone 'feather duster' came from.

Josh telling Tammy about his milking goat
Milking goats pooping on them... watch Josh in the middle.. haha

She proceeded to tell Josh he got goat poop in his shoe, he took his shoe off and shook it out. Then she told him his shoes were on the wrong feet so he switched them and really did put them on the wrong feet! This is the video of him waking up at the end, coming out of hypnosis and realizing his shoes are backwards! It's short... but so funny.

Before she woke them up from being hypnotized she 'programmed' them to repeat an action and phrase after she said a certain word. She then woke them up and made some 'announcements' containing all the words she used to program them with. Here is Josh doing his action and phrase after he was woken up! Then wondering why in the world he just did that! She said the word but I didn't catch it in the video. 

I hope y'all enjoyed that. It's definitely not as funny in little pieces like that... but I just couldn't believe that was Josh!! 

Hope y'all have a good week!!

Oct 6, 2010

Requested Update.

Josh said I needed to update. So I'm updating.

My life has been swamped the past 2 weeks. You're lucky you got rainbows!! haha
My life has actually been swamped the day I started nursing school!

I have had tests and more tests on top of working for my dad and at the pottery place. I'm doing something everyday except for Sunday. Wait.. I study on Sunday. Yep, I doing something everyday.
Yesterday was the first day I didn't have anything to do...

I took complete advantage of it and did nothing when I got off work at 6:45. I went to Josh's, we built a fire and I ate smores. Then we sat by the fire until it wasn't warm anymore.

I have zero tests next week. Hallelujah! Well... not really. I have my clinical therapeutics lab midterm. I will be 'checked off' on two skills. So far we have learned about 20 skills including blood pressure, vitals, Nasogastric tube placement (and removal.. and feeding), Bathing a client, making a bed, Tracheostomy care, Trach suction... the list goes on.  Oh and my favorite- IV's!
They will mainly be looking for sterile technique. We have a sheet of paper that has the step by step process on it and we have to know it without having the sheet. If we miss 3 'small' steps we fail. If we miss 1 'big' step we fail. A 'big' step as I call it is either something that you do (or don't do) that would hurt the client if you did it (or didn't do it). It can also be sterility (gloves, not touching a specific part of a specific tube, etc).

I've been practicing my skills a lot at school so hopefully it goes well!!

Now, on to enjoy my weekend!

The Georgia National Fair is coming tomorrow!!! One of my best friends from Auburn, Anna, and her boyfriend are coming on Friday!!! My precious niece, Blair, turns two on Saturday!! So glad to have a weekend off from everything but fun!! Birthday party, Fair, Fair food, Josh Turner Concert, Fair food, horse riding, Fair food and fun!! Did I mention Fair food?!?

Oct 2, 2010


Who likes rainbows?!

My horses do! :)

I love tack. I could buy a new piece of take everyday (even if I didn't use it) and be happy for the rest of the day!
I went to our local feed store yesterday to pick up some cow feed for Opie man and picked up this new halter! I pointed it out to Josh and was talking about how pretty it was. Then Carl, the owner, said Hey Molly we got some new tack! He came over picked the rainbow halter up and said what do you think about this? I said I like it! I like it a lot actually and I am thinking about getting it! It was the last one he had. Then he said, "Well I picked up five in Texas at a tack warehouse thinking they wouldn't sell... They've been here for 3 days and this is the last one. We sold one 20 minutes after they were hung up on the rack!" Well, that just did it in for me. I decided that I had to have that rainbow halter!  

p.s. The reason why I had to go get cow feed: My 4 mares decided they wanted to roam the farm for a while. Well, SoBe decided she wanted to roam the farm and opened the gate. They ate a whole bag of cow feed... a whole bag!! Like... 40 pounds! I was an hour away at the time and Bridget, who found them, was late for class and couldn't get them back in.. I called Josh and he went over and got them back in the pasture for me. Thanks Joshy! They also ate Bridget's horses food. Another 1/4 of a bag. I was worried about them foundering, but they are all ok thank goodness! You can go read up on it. I won't go into the details, but it's a nasty nasty thing to deal with. 
Now there is a double chain on the gate.... see if you can get that open, SoBe!!