Sep 29, 2010

Notice anything??

Does he look different to you?

Ok, he looks a little fat in this picture, but that's not it.

He still is trying to gain back what he lost while I was in Europe!

"Mom, please stop chasing me around the house and making me lay on this chair so you can take pictures of me."

Well, if you haven't figured it out... I'll tell you.

His poor ear!

He must have gotten into some trouble last night. When I let him in this morning I noticed it immediately. It flops around like it's dead when he runs. It's kinda funny!

I guess it's kinda cute! He looks like a dork!

Ever seen anything like that before?! I guess it's a nerve problem. I don't know. I do know that we are having ear problems around here! 
Lola gets yeasty ears. Lizzie the horse has a funky ear right now- she'll turn it around to listen to me when I'm on her back and it will go down instead of around backwards and she'll shake her head and it'll go back forward. Weird.

Sep 25, 2010

The New Deputy in Town

Welcome to White House Farm.

Don't plan on getting this close to the house until you go through Farm Security!!

Since so many people are "snatchin' their people up, hidin' their kids, hidin' their wives and hidin' their husbands cause they're rapin' e'rebody out here"... We had to supe up our security.
(Have ya seen the video!? haha! )

I'm serious... homeboy!!

No really...

And don't think you can get by him without showing your ID!!
He is VERY serious about his job....

He waits on cars to arrive....

And if you don't show your ID or pay a fee (depends on what kind of mood he's in)... 
He will chase you down.

When you are far enough away from the house and he feels comfortable with your distance he'll stop. Most of the time...

So... if you ever plan on stopping by White House Farms, please, be prepared.
Like I said, Opie the Deputy is very serious about his job.
He only let's the most cooperative people by his post. 



Don't tell anyone he's a big ol' baby!!

He just likes to lick the salt off your toes...

and give kisses!!

He's still a good security guard cause he won't give anyone else kisses but me! :)

My sweet Opie!

If you make it past Opie.... Then you gotta make by Cutie!
Ok... she doesn't look that scary. :)

*The previous post was thought up by Opie's biggest fan, my dad.*
Opie's name originated from my daddy wanting me to name him "Barney" from Andy Griffeth. Well I think of purple Barney when I think of that name, so I decided on Opie, with dad's approval! :) 

Sep 23, 2010

Is it stuffed?!

Not quite. That is a cake that my awesome mom made.

I tell her that I'm gonna need awesome cakes like this when I have kids. :)

Life size Elmo. Actually... probably bigger! 
This cake is (slash was- because it no longer exists!) the best cake she has ever done. Ever. It was awesome. It was even better in person!

Here are a couple more that she has done.

So, if you live in the Middle GA area... or if you're willing to TRAVEL! :)
You or your kids could have a special cake! Anything you can think of... she can do. She won't say that... but she knows she can!

Oh... and she does Cookies too!! 

My Alabama sister  makes cookies as well! She actually has a 'business' known as the Cookie Jar. Hit her up for some cookies if Alabama is closer to you! :)
She even ships her cookies!!

They both worked on these together!

Sep 21, 2010

Wedding Photos!

Here are some of the pictures I took this weekend at the wedding! I was the backup photographer and she let me take some of the good shots! I was really excited! Mrs. Tamara is so good to me!

And I picked up another wedding off of this one! :) Not sure if Tamara is going to go along with me or if I'll be by myself... I'm excited!!!

We had a very interesting day to say the least, but these were some of the classic shots.


Sep 18, 2010


Auburn wins!!!


Wes Byrum's 39-yard field goal put us in the lead... in overtime.

and Clemson needs to go back to kicking a field goal school.

They missed their field goal (thank goodness). They missed it the second time that is. They illegally snapped the ball in their chance to win the game. They had to rekick from the other hash mark... they missed.

It was awesome. I think I jumped 4 feet off the couch!

Auburn played like the third string high school team in the first half. Then, in the second half, my tigers were back. They went from being down 2 touchdowns to being up 1 touchdown in the third quarter. The fourth quarter was a blur cause I was so dang nervous.

Clemson played really well. They are a good team.

But I'm glad the real tigers won!

War Eagle!!! :)

Sep 16, 2010

Exciting News!

I don't know if I have mentioned on this thing or not... but I get to go photograph a wedding this Saturday!! Yay!! My first 'photography' job! I'm accompanying a local photographer that kind of got out of photography, but she has done a few weddings and lots of senior pictures and what not. She isn't known too well, but I think that my photography style mixed with hers will make for a good turnout!

In other exciting news, Molly has no tests next week!!!!!  I'll have time to actually get AHEAD! phew.

Well, that's all the exciting news I have!

I'll be posting some pictures as soon as I can from the wedding! I hope I get lots of good pictures!

I just got in from walking the driveway with Josh and Dad. I also gave all the horses some carrots. Actually, a whole bag! Flint and SoBe loved them. Rose and Lizzie aren't too fond of carrots. Sassy, aka fat sass, liked them but it's almost like she gets full and doesn't want as much as SoBe and Flint do. I also gave a few to Snapper. He's the new addition around here. He belongs to Bridget, one of my friends that I have mentioned here a few times! He's a Missouri Fox Trotter (Palomino). So welcome to the farm, Snapper! :)

Then we watched the space station fly over! That was cool. Then we looked at the moon in the telescope. That was equally as cool.

Now I shall watch last season's Grey's Anatomy Finale to refresh my memory!!!

Sep 12, 2010

Finished Product!

I finally finished my 'footed dish' that I posted about here a few weeks ago! I have already gotten great use out of it. It's got about 7 pairs of earrings in it and my watch sleeps in it at night!

I have another project in progress now!
I have been working on Saturdays to help out and I started something a few Saturdays ago. I haven't gotten to work on it since, but hopefully I'll get it finished soon. I'm not going to tell you what it is though; it'll be a surprise!! It was one of the broken pieces that would have been thrown away. I grabbed it up and splashed some paint on it!

Keep on the look out for it! 
Hope everyone has a great weekend! 
I have so far! Josh took me out on a date last night. I LOVE going out with him cause he is so sweet! We went to a really good seafood restaurant that is about 30 minutes away and then we went to the movies to see "The last Exorcism".... creepy! But it was fun anyways!

Sep 9, 2010


Some of you may not know what that term means... but most of you do!! The other most of you is about to find out.

It's football season! The Auburn Tigers have won their first two games! One of those games being an SEC game!

I have watched both games and can I say that Farley and Newton are pretty much awesome?!

Tonight in the Mississippi State Game....

Farley got 2 or 3 sacs, an interception, and a fumble recovery. He's a defensive lineman!! That's pretty awesome. I was waiting for a touchdown.

And did anyone see that play between our old quarter back, Kodi Burns, and our new quarter back, Cam Newton?! It was pretty amazing as well. They did this trick I'm-gonna-throw-it-to-Kodi-and-run-away-oh-now-Kodi-throws-it-back-to-me!! It was really cool.

I'm pretty excited about this football season. They are looking pretty good so far! Chizick wasn't too happy about the penalties... especially the one that almost cost us the game!! It was 17-14 Auburn with 2 minutes and some odd seconds left in the fourth quarter... Mississippi St has the ball... they are on Auburn's 48... Auburn gets 2 or 3 sacs in a row putting them back a good ways.... 3rd down....they throw... they almost catch.... PASS INTERFERENCE ON AUBURN. Really!! Oh what a perfect moment to do something so incredibly stupid!! Automatic first down. That's just great. Thankfully Auburn kicked it into gear and held them and Mississippi State messed up big time and needs to go back to How to Catch The Ball School. We got the ball... 27 seconds left. It was glorious.

I'll keep you posted on my Tigers! I'm so proud!! War Eagle!!

Oh... and War Eagle- I never told you!! It's our 'war cry'. People make fun of it.. cause 'oh Auburn has the Tiger, but now they're the Eagles..." blah, give me a break! It has a meaning that is special to our team! Just like every team has traditions. So, We cry Waaaaaaaaaaar Eagle!! On Everrry kickoff and it's really really loud and we tack on a 'HEY!' on the end and it's awesome! AND My Favorite part.... We have two or three eagles and they release one of them before all the home games and it flies around the stadium and lands in the middle of the field! We say Waaaaaar Eagle! HEY! then too! (As he/she is flying around (and on kickoffs).. we hold the 'war' a really long time! you have to take two or three breaths! Then when he/she lands... 'Eagle Hey!') :) Ahh!!  I get chills thinking about it!! The best part of it all..... When you see someone that you don't know and they have on that symbolic AU on their hat or shirt, you calmly say 'War Eagle" and smile. Then they know you're 'family'! :)

I love my Auburn Family!

Sep 6, 2010

I know I know...

It's been a week since I've posted... I'm sorry!!!

I have been super busy with school and a whole load of other things! I should have spent my day studying today... but who studies when the sky is bluer than blue!? Plus, there were zero clouds in the sky! Gorgeous is what it was. 

I took the opportunity to go take a picture that I have been wanting to take for weeks! I pass it everyday on the way to school and it's all I think about for fifteen or twenty minutes after I have already been by it! I do that often. I want to go to the little town that I drive through and take someone with me and experiment taking pictures of them at some cool places I've seen there. I stop and grab lunch on Tuesdays sometimes from a little hamburger joint that is sort of like Krystals... but it's that small town place that only the people 'round here' know about. 

ok, it's random, but I like it!

And I took a minute to snap some photos of the neighboring donkeys!

Aren't they precious!

Well, I hope everyone has a great week! I have a 'first test' in one of my classes on Thursday, so wish me luck!