Sep 19, 2011


1. I'm a slacker.

2. I'm a nursing student.

3. I'm super busy being a nursing student.

4. I'm a slacker.

The End.

Sep 3, 2011

It's Gameday!

War Eagle!!

Sep 2, 2011



Love that face.
and that puppy.

This is what I love. Actually, I adore. 
I adore that brown and white head even more.

New roommate.
Still nameless. I wanted to name him Presley. Josh objected.
Hey... wait a minute! It is MY roommate! Presley it is. Shh. Don't tell Josh.

This is the face I come home to everyday.

There is that lovely face again!

The sunrise that joined me while I put Lizzie out to pasture every morning.

One day there was a donkey in my front yard.
I have ALWAYS wanted a donkey that lived in my front yard!!
Mama Jan does not think it is that great.
She sees it as donkey poo living in the front yard.

This is how gorgeous it is at my house all the time.
Except, the grass isn't that green anymore. 
We need rain.

I put this photo on facebook the other day to show everyone how well she puts her eyeliner on  and how well she forgets to paint on her left eyebrow. :)

Flint trying out his new 'ears' on our ride this morning!
They work well keeping those nasty deer flies off!

I took this picture this morning... about a week ago this fire happened about 50 feet from our farm. All because of one cigarette. I was in class when I got a call from my neighbor who NEVER calls me unless there is an emergency. So, I automatically thought, oh no one of my horses is out or cows or something...  I jump out of my desk and go out into the hall and he says Molly, there is a fire heading towards your land and I wanted to let your dad know. I tell him thanks and immediately call my moms friend that works as a volunteer firefighter (she's got one of those cool radios), she didn't answer so I called my dad. Thank goodness he just happened to be at home!!! He went and checked on it and the fire department had just gotten there and gotten it out. 

I was so worried about that fire taking off and swallowing our land up... but thank goodness it didn't!!  

So... don't throw your cigarette butts out!!! We haven't had any rain you dodo brains!!