Jul 14, 2010

Tubing and Bruising

For the Fourth of July, my mom, sister, two brothers and myself went to the lake! We had a fun day of eating (a lot), sunning, jumping, tubing and fireworks. And then bruising. 

We got there around lunch time, so we ate a sandwich and then watched all the kids and my brothers jump off the boathouse roof. 

At one point I counted 12 kids. I think there was actually more than that. 
Then we all loaded up on two different boats and went to the middle of the lake for the radio boat judging contest! We didn't have any Fourth of July decorations on our boat so they quickly by passed us!

After we left the party, Mr. Dave took me, my sister linsey, and brother hank tubing. It was pretty entertaining to the adults in the boat dragging us around!

We all finally got on. It was a challenge getting onto that double tube!

Then off we go!

When I said dragging... I really meant it! I usually hear of people 'pulling tubes'... well we were being drug! and we were going really fast!

Then they would turn the boat the other way and we would go colliding into each other and somebody would go down!! usually Hank!

Then I switched with Hank.. at first I though poor linsey, has to ride with wild hank. Oh how I was wrong.

This is the conversation I had before switching tubes:
Mr. Dave and other dude: Molly, get on the purple tube!
Me: Heck no!! Hank falls off that thing every time we get going!
Other dude: Oh that will change with you!
I think Linsey said: I'll get on it
Mr. Dave: Linsey, you don't want to get on the purple tube.
Me: I don't want to get on it, I'll fall off!
Mr. Dave and other dude: oh you won't fall off!!

Ok fine, so I get on.

1. Mom can't even get a picture of me because I am going all over the place!! Really fast I might add.

2. That think was bouncing all over the place
I was probably screaming and Linsey was probably screaming "Hold on, Molly!!"

3. They were wrong.
Oh yes. This happened maybe five more times!
By the time I got back on the double tube, I was so tired that I couldn't even stay on that one. I hadn't fallen off of the double tube yet until I switched back from the purple. That thing wore me out!

So, Hank decided he wanted to ride backwards after we switched back.

I didn't last long! I crashed/flipped/was thrown from the tube and that was the end of tubing for me! Hank said "I'm glad she fell off cause my arms were about to give out!"

We got back to the house, ate more food, watched fireworks and went home!

Fifth of July, after we wake up, Linsey says she is sore all over! I wasn't too sore from tubing; I was sore from trimming. I trimmed all my horses feet that day and received multiple bruises on my legs from my ghetto stand. I was more than sore the next day! I don't think I will ever go tubing and trimming in the same weekend again!

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Jennifer said...

How fun! I have never been tubing, but have always wanted to go!