Jun 29, 2010


Pioneer woman is having another photography assignment. The theme was chosen by a fellow follower. America. I chose Feet.... but oh well (:

Perfect timing for an American theme...  Just in time for fourth of july... so I put in pictures of Watermelon!  That's all I got folks...

Oh wait I just thought of another!! yay!
Anyways... Back to watermelon.

You may recognize this photo from a previous post from last week!

I put in a watermelon picture the very first day, it was different than this one... and then she picked a watermelon picture! but it wasn't mine... :(
But Coal Kitty is in this one... I think that might get her attention! ;)

This will be my third entry.


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

I just happened on your blog and those are great. I saw that theme and I couldn't come up with anything...normally I can think of something but I didn't put anything in.

Yours are really really good. And I just love the first one!


CHERI said...

I have got to come see you about my new camera!!!! I am stressing way too much. It intimidates me and I want to just love it like you love yours! You do a great job. I've also got to learn to use my Adobe Photoshop!!!!

Jennifer said...

Great pictures!

Jessica said...

molly sooo good!!!