Jul 20, 2010

Opie & Watermelon

I have always known that cows loooove watermelon! Well, Opie had never had the luxury of having watermelon and I didn't think he would even be a fan since he is so young, but he took to that watermelon like it was his mommy feeding him!!

Excuse my hairy arms.
You can make fun, everyone else does! ;)

Look at all the yummy juice just dripping down his chin!

It was so good.. that he had to close his eyes to enjoy it!

We usually just throw the watermelons into the fields and they bust open then the cows eat them... but Opie got pretty triangle cut watermelon! (: 
Not on purpose though, we had a party and it was all left over from the morning festivities!
I tried to give my horses some first... they wouldn't have anything to do with it! Even SoBe!! She usually eats anything and everything!
I think they would rather have grapes and sweet feed!

I guess I'll have to get Ash to bring him some 'cow watermelons' before the season is up!

Back to the books!
Gotta get my Braves post up here soon!


Lauren said...

Oh my gosh, this is so precious :) I never knew cows like watermelon, weird!

Jennifer said...

How cute! Horses love it too.

LeAnna said...

That is too funny! (love that little heart on his forehead!) Our cows love fruit, especially pears and grapes. My horse would always foam at the mouth so bad with grapes, it was hilarious to watch. Who doesn't love watermelon, though, ya know? Even my dogs will eat it. Ha!