Mar 28, 2012


Am I the only one that thinks it's ironic that the last post I have posted before this one was about how I had so many jobs?! THAT is how busy I am. I have no time for my camera (sadly) and hardly anytime to blog! I try to spend all my extra time with my horses and Josh and friends.

I have ridden a good bit lately and have been able to keep all my horses in pretty good shape! (Not skinny wise, just riding wise!) My horses are forever fat.

I think I can scrounge up some cell phone pictures that have been taken over the past month.

I found out that my dog loves me very much. I'll be coming down the driveway and once I hit the pavement he comes BOUNDING across the yard like a little deer and promptly puts his butt down right outside my door until I step out... then he showers me with kisses. He is so sweet, that Latch.

I already told you I went riding a lot. That is me up there in the front and then Josh's friend Cody and then Jaclyn is taking the picture. Josh and Cody were on spring break a couple weeks ago and Josh had to stay in Athens to work. Cody came home and he spent a lot of his time with me riding horses and just hanging out over his spring break. Josh was very very missed, but it was nice to have people to ride horses with all the time!

Cookie helped me clear a dead tree off of Flint's pasture trail. When I say help, I mean she sat on a log and watched me.

Another pony ride! Cody, Jaclyn and Katelyn. And my baby's ears! :)

I love this horse.

And this is my newest friend and favorite coworker! Rosa :)
She looooves riding horses and she is a natural!

Another day of riding with Cody! haha
I think he came a total of 4 or 5 times in one week. We are pretty much bffs now.

And this is Buck. The little mustang/quarter horse I am training for a neighbor! He is so pretty! He was running along side of us when we were riding up the driveway one day... getting his exercise!

Here is a picture of Buck out on a ride!

And... Last but NOT least.... Boyfriend   :)
I visit him as much as I possibly can. If I don't have to work on the weekends... I am most likely going to be in Athens with him! No place I'd rather be! I won't see him this weekend :( I'll be working night shift... but I will see him next weekend when we head to the Masters! :)

So that is about all I have been doing! Horses, friends, and boyfriend!

I'm just too busy to really document anything on this blog without doing a dump of pictures!

Plus, you don't want me to document my hospital job.... I will though.

Pee, poop, and food trays.

That about sums it up! :)

Haha I'm kidding! But... not. I can't believe how well I am able to put up with some things. I could hardly clean out a dog kennel without gagging when I worked at the vet, but I can (most of the time) clean up anything and be perfectly fine with it. There is also a little more that goes with it! Like meeting patients and getting to make them feel better by simply giving them a bath or washing their face. It is amazing what little things we take for granted until you can't do them for yourself anymore.

I love my patients. All of them. They are so sweet and they love the attention I give them.  Some of the people that have been working there for a while always say 'come on, hurry up, move along, we have stuff to do, we don't have time to sit here and talk!'... but, that is ALL those people want... someone to talk to for just 2 or 3 minutes. I always just stand there and make a little conversation and tell them that I can do anything that they need. I promise you my patients are more willing to do things my way when I spend that extra 3 minutes talking to them and treating them like a person instead of a patient. Plus, being nice pays off!

Not only do I love my patients, but my patients love me. I get non stop compliments and that just makes a person feel good about what they're doing. Not only do I get compliments on my work ethic... I get them on my personality and looks. My hair is a big hit. Everyone loves my hair. The cute little old lady I had yesterday would say every time I came in her room, "Hey darling! What took that pretty face of yours so long for you to come back into my life?!" She was so cute!

I also had an older man tell me the other day as I was giving him a bath that he didn't want me to have to do that, because I was too pretty to wash him up. He said, "I guess we will have to take that plunge, huh. Well, I guess I'm okay with that because I'm sure every man in this county would like you to wash them up and I'm just the lucky one!" Hahaha! It was so funny because he didn't mean it in a pervert-ish way, he was just trying to not make it awkward. It made me laugh! This patient was there for a long time and I had him every week. Needless to say, he was my first patient I said goodbye to and cried when I left that night, knowing he was going to be gone home the next time I came back to work. I was SO glad he got to go home! He was so sweet and genuine. He reminded me so much of my MeMa in a way. And, I never thought I would see so many people that remind me of her. I use to never get teary eyed talking to patients before she passed away, but now I do.

Now that you know what I do on a daily basis, maybe you can just imagine I write a lot of blog posts about it! :)

I am off to work. This weekend I will be on my first night shifts... then Sunday I leave for the BEACH!!! I haven't been to the beach in years! SO excited!! :)