Dec 17, 2009


I graduate! :)


Dec 15, 2009


I am done. With my undergraduate college career that is! I have successfully completed my Bachelor of Science in Animal Sciences Pre-Vet. phew.

It's such a good feeling. I really don't have to study until I start my masters... or maybe get into vet school... six months or more from now! AH! I'm FREE!!!!

I have spent the last four years of my life struggling with keeping my grades up and keeping my boyfriend around ;) and worrying if all my horses are standing up/walking around. Lord knows no one touches them but me! poor kids. But, on Friday December 18, 2009 I will walk on to a stage, obtain my Auburn Creed, walk off the stage, then go get my diploma in the next building. :) Then i will move back into my house where my bed is and where my horses are in my front yard. There are more plusses. I get to hang out more with my precious little niece, Blair, and see my sister and brother in law more. I get to hang out with my mom and dad and all my other family members. I'll be able to go visit my other sister and brother in law in n. al. more. my boyfriend will be 8 min away :) and i can ride my horses whenever i want!!

I also might get to make some much needed dollars! About that job.. I got the interview! I went, I think I did good, and now I'm waiting to hear back from them. I'll be ecstatic if I get it. It's perfect. I will get to play with horses... I get to start an exciting new Equine program and promote what they have. I'm excited! it's only about 7 minutes from my house so I'll be able to save in gas money and what not!

So now that I'm completely done with finals and tests and papers and studying... I am bored out of my mind! I think I have spent the last 3 hours reading through The Pioneer Woman's website. It's pretty interesting... my sister got me liking it. Thanks lin. It was my procrastination tool for the past 5 days. I put a picture into a contest, i took an atlanta quiz, i also entered another contest today. Linsey met her.. and I'm jealous. I think I want to buy her cookbook and i know my sisters are probably laughing right now cause i don't cook at all.. but i actually like trying! :)

Let's see if I have any pictures I can share to make this post more exciting...

Oooh! ooh!! :)
This is a picture of me and alllll my pre-vet buddies in THE Auburn football players locker room! Pretty cool.

And this is me and my darling boyfriend at the GT/georgia game! I had a decent time. I loved sharing that experience with him. You can't tell in this picture... but his is before all the dumb uga fans got there. I won't talk about that. Let's just say I have ZERO respect for them. except of course Josh... he's not obnoxious!

I love this picture. I took it when I was babysitting Blair. She loves horses almost as much as I do! She sure does love giving them kisses. Not just horses... all animals! Even pillow animals :)

Nov 17, 2009

Bringing Friends home is Fun!

The weekend of Nov 6, I took two friends home that I have a few classes with at Auburn. I just recently became friends with Katie and Anna, but they are two of the sweetest girls that I have met in Auburn! I'm glad I was able to take them home with me and share our little piece of Georgia!
We packed up the car and headed out of Auburn on Friday. When we arrived we visited all my horses and a few of the young cows that are pasture mates to Flint. Mom had asked me to help with a catering job... so I also recruited them to help us, along with another new friend Bridget (she goes to the local university and is from north GA) and of course Joshua! We all dressed up and headed out to the barn to help cater!

Here we all are about to start serving!
Katie, Bridget, me, Joshua, Anna, and two young ladies that mom knows through the chamber.

Katie and my mom!
We had a lot of fun, but I know my feet were killing me by the end of the night!

Saturday started all the fun!! Bridget, Anna, Katie and I woke up and had cinnamon rolls then got started on getting all the horses' stuff together! We got saddled up and Josh showed up to take some pictures for us.

Anna on Rose, Bridget on Sassy, Katie on SoBe and Me riding Flint
We rode for about three hours and had tons of fun.

Me and Bridget!

We got back home, went and got some lunch at subway and headed out to Josh's barn to visit the pigs!

Anna loved the piggies! We got back to my house and went out to the cow pasture to play with the cows. There is this one particular cow that was raised on a bottle, I call her charlotte, so we went and gave her a few hugs! :)

Except... Charlotte got a little sick of us! so Katie didn't get a change to get a picture with her. so we chased down another cow.. she wasn't too excited about it either.. lol

Later, we decided to have a bonfire, so dad got it started while we went to walmart to grab some hotdogs and s'mores stuff!

Sunday we went to waffle house and got a late breakfast. We went back to my house and Anna and I rode horses for a little bit. Then Josh and I took a ride too! :)

Then We just hung out in the yard and played around with the dogs all afternoon! Soon Dad got off the tractor and got a gun out for us to shoot, under Josh's supervision! :)
Teaching Katie how to shoot!

After we taught Katie how to shoot correctly, i think she hit the can! :)
Anna taking a turn

And Josh shooting the cup in the air!

We were sad to leave sunday night after we ate some Cracker Barrel with my parents.. but we had to get back to school. Maybe we'll have another weekend at someones house sometime soon! :)

I'm going home in two days for eleven days!! I'm SO excited! I can't wait to see all of my family and my horses and of course Joshua! :)

Oct 14, 2009

Birthday Party, Fair and Horses

Sounds like a perfect weekend to me!

Friday, October 9, was my niece's first birthday! I can't believe she's already one! It went by so fast. We had a party for her on saturday night. It was a pig party so of course she had to have a pig cake! My mom and sister both made it.

She also had a precious little cake all to her self to mess up, but she only got so far as taking the nose off then she was done!

We all had a good time watching her open her presents. At first she just wanted to crawl all over the boxes and pull at the stringy ribbons, but then she figured out she could rip the paper off! She loved digging in the bags too! I got her two books, pink wiggly pig what do you wish for?

and panda panda what do you see?. I also got her some tub toys. She had a good time playing with the little turtles for a minute... throwing one in a box over and over again after her daddy retrieved them! and she crawled around with them.... :)

Sunday I went to the fair with my two sisters, mom, and Josh. We walked through all the exhibit buildings and of course got food. I think I ended the day with a list of things I had eaten: 1 Corndog, 32 oz Diet coke, a frozen dipped in chocolate banana, a gyro (yum!), a large cup of Dippin' Dots, and a bag of cotton candy. I assure you I could have eaten more. I wanted to get an apple dumpling in there... but I didn't have enough hours! We met up with my aunt, uncle and cousin later and I ended up riding some rides with my cousin. I hadn't planned to ride many rides, but i'm glad I did because it was fun! We couldn't have planned this if we tried... but we decided to ride the ferris wheel when we were leaving and when we got stopped at the top the fireworks started!

I had a new friend come out and ride horses with me on Monday. We had a lot of fun! I met her through Josh's best friend, Cole. Her name is Bridget and she goes to school at the university in our home town. She has horses as well so she's knows how to ride well. I love to ride with people that know how to ride because I don't have to worry as much! I let her pick who she wanted to ride out of Sassy, Rose, and SoBe and she probably picked the best one! SoBe! I think we're planning another ride that Josh and Cole will come on, so she'll get to take Sassy for a ride! We rode for a few hours that morning and went to get lunch with Josh and Cole. Later that night we all watched a movie and made cookies! I'm glad I have a new friend to play with when I go home!

Bridget informed me of an open job at the college that I am applying for. I'm really excited about it! If all goes well I'll write about it in more detail! I sent my application off today, they'll get it tomorrow and hopefully they'll like what they see!
Now if this Dr. will call me back about a letter of recommendation.... I would feel much better!!! I have 2 confirmed and 1 to go! Pray that all goes well and I get the job! It would be absolutely amazing if I get it! :)

Off to study Genetics!

Oct 7, 2009

I think I might go buy curtains now....

I got scared out of my mind today.

I was laying on my bed taking a nap slash watching TV before I went to class and I just happened to look up at my window. Well, my window is situated on the hall so that no one has to walk by it unless they are going to my door. So, I just happened to see a person walk by going away from my door back to the stairs, so I jumped up to go to the door to see who it was through the little peep hole. I saw a younger guy walking around the corner into the hall to go to the back apartments... I watched for a few more seconds and he came back around the corner and bent down, got on his knees, and looked into my window!! CREEPY! He got up and went back around the corner. I thought, if he does it again I'm gonna call the police! I had to go to class in thirty minutes and I was not about to set foot outside that apartment with him anywhere near! He did it again. and again. I started thinking ok... the police won't get here fast enough. I looked out into the parking lot off my porch and my wonderful neighbor's husband was home! oh yay! I text Kailey really quick asking for his number, then I realized she probably wouldn't get back to me fast enough because she teaches. So, I made sure he wasn't watching- ran into my room and grabbed my computer and started praying Dru, her husband, was on Facebook! JOY he was! I messaged him- " Call me! my number. Some creepy guy is looking in my window! or go outside!" next time I looked the guy walked towards the stairs instead of the hallway and I couldn't see whether he went down or was just standing there. I have the cutest Welcome sign on my door and it has fall leaves hanging down and my peep hole was half covered! So, I went back to my room saw a figure in the window... ran back to the door and it was Dru! thank goodness. I went outside and the creep was gone. Dru didn't see him but we asked the maintenance guy that just happened to ride by on the golf cart and he had seen him walking back towards a different building on the cell phone.

Why I have these creepy things happen to me... I don't know! I've already had my locks changed because someone, other than my roommate, opened the door at 3AM and didn't lock it back!

Lord, please keep me safe for the remaining 75 days I have left in this place! Amen!

Now I might go get my curtains. ;

Oct 1, 2009

Finally FALL!

I LOVE fall! This weather just makes me want to be at home riding my horses! It's so nice! I can't stand riding horses when it's hot anymore. I don't know how I did it when I was younger... but when I didn't work I would ride ALL day. I would ride so long that I would go switch out horses sometimes 3 and 4 times a day! But I can't do that anymore. It's just too hot. Now that this weather has come around I get excited about being able to ride more! I got on Flint bareback this past friday and rode around. He was pretty excited himself! We started going up this huge hill on our 'old' driveway and he took off jumping and bouncing all over the place! I realized I had two huge handfulls of his mane and was screaming pretty loud when we got to the top! I think all the other animals love this weather too. We saw deer and wild hogs! I tried to get a picture but momma hog wasn't having that. She ran into the woods and snorted and carried on. I decided to get outta there before she came after Lola and Cutie pie!

I went to a pig show with Josh this weekend in Fitzgerald. I got to see my Uncle Johhny, Trey and Reid! I think Reid was a little overwhelmed by the huge pigs walking around everywhere! Josh ended up winning the senior showmanship and 2nd in his class.

I had a lot of fun at this show. I usually just sit in the stands with Mrs. Phoebe and watch everything, but since Josh's dad was out of town I was the 'coach'. I acquired that name somewhere in the middle of the day. I don't really know who said it, but it was repeated many times! I helped Josh wash the pigs and keep them cooled off because it was HOT. I mean HOT. It gets to be a rush when your class is called and you have to make it up to the holding pen before you go in. It kind of reminds me of when I showed horses. :) I sure do miss that! We ended up getting home around 4. We were up at 5:30 that morning so it was a long day!

Fall weather also means Auburn Football has started!! We have had some GOOD games! I'm really excited about this season. We're 4-0! Josh came up for the Mississippi State game and it was a lot of fun! That game wasn't as good as the West Virginia game though! That was a game I will never forget! The game was supposed to start at 6:45. A huge black cloud lingered over the stadium at about 6:00 and it started raining around 6:30. Well of course it started lightning! They evacuated the stadium and the game was delayed for 30 minutes, then another 30 minutes, then another. Well, we (the student section) did not evacuate. you know, I didn't even hear them tell us to evacuate! that's how loud the stadium gets! So they started playing songs about rain and we were singing and it was so much fun! I have a video on my phone of everyone singing 'Have you ever seen the Rain?" and it is amazing! It poured and poured and poured! I though it would never stop. The field was literally starting to look like a small lake. It finally subsided and the game started. West Virginia put up a good fight but we came back after half time and wooped up on them! It was a good good game!

This weekend we play Tennessee. I just looked at the previous stats for the last games in our campus newspaper. Ball State (who we played this past weekend) had better stats than Tennessee in rushing, passing, and yardage. So hopefully we can take down Tennessee and be 5-0!

I''m pulling for those Westfield Hornets too. They are 5-0! Georgia Tech is also doing well. Better than Georgia! :)
It's going to be a good football season for all my teams I hope!

Jul 7, 2009

I am NOT good at keeping up with this!

It has been a very busy past two months!! I don't even know if I can remember whats happened! I restarted classes and I absolutely can not stand being in Auburn in the summer. I'm pretty miserable. I go home every weekend and have some fun, so that makes it all better! :)

My Mema had 2 unplanned back surgeries and was in the hospital for the past four weeks. She is now recovering in an 'Assisted living' until she gets back on her feet! She's doing much better though.

I went to the beach one day with Josh, his mom and sister and her friend! We had a lot of fun! Josh and I met them up there on Saturday night and spent Sunday on the beach! We had a lot of fun for one day on the beach!

The peach festival was also this past month! My mom, my sisters, my little brother, Blair and me and Josh all loaded up and went to it! It was fun, but not as much fun as it was when I was a kid! We got to see the peach cobbler! I ate some :)

My mom and dad started the worlds largest peach cobbler years ago! They finally passed it on to someone else but it still is in good hands!

My niece will be 9 months on the ninth. Look how big she's getting! I got to spend some time with her this weekend down in dreamland! We went to pick peas at seven then we went back to the house and shelled some. Then it was TACO TRUCK time at the watermelon farm! It was soo good. I had chicken mole with rice and corn tortillas. It was some kind of yummy. Of course, I can't go to dreamland without getting a bunch of yummy watermelons! I think I ended up going home with ten! I only had 5 when I got back to Auburn! I gave some of them away as thank yous and some away as I love yous! I cut one last night and ate 1/4 of it. It was so good!

This past weekend I took my roommate home with me. We were driving and popped up on a sunflower field and I was bound and determined to get pictures there on the horses! So, that night I called a friend- she said she could do it! The next day, we rode the 6 miles horseback to the field and here is the result!

This is about when the fireworks started going off! What an interesting ride home we had....

I absolutely love every single one of them! I think Rhiana and I are going to have a few blown up and put them in our new apartment when we move in. Speaking of that... that's what I've been doing this whole week besides studying! I moved the couch cushions, the kitchen table and chairs, the area rug, and a bunch of stuff out of my room yesterday. My poor little liberty was packed to the roof all day! But now all I have left is my furniture in my room and the couch! I'm gonna have to wait on the boyfriend or mother to come help me move those!

We've had a busy summer so far! We had our family reunion fathers day weekend and I also went up top the Lake to Josh's family reunion!

I'll try to keep this more updated :)

May 1, 2009

Needed Catchup

It's been since February 17th?! Where does the time go...

I just realized today is May 1st... really. where does the time go?

I took my first of four finals this morning. It was possibly the hardest test I have ever taken in my life (ok, maybe not as hard has Fundamentals of Chemistry II final with Baker- the teacher from Hell- literally), BUT rumor has it that my teacher doesn't count the final... (?). He doesn't believe in finals and just gives on to give one. According to more than 5 people who have taken the class, the grades will be posted tomorrow night (tomorrow night!?!)! That was a 12 page (I mean BOOKLET) exam I just took. There are at least 60 of us in that room. That's 720 pages of test that he has to grade in less than 24 hours. Even 48 hours is not enough for that!! It takes him a week to grade our 5 page exams! So, I believe them. I hope that my B will magically turn into an A, but I'll settle with my B. Maybe sitting in his office all those hours talking about pigs and gardening will pay off!! ;)

Over the past 2 months I have been working on a Scrap book for Josh and me! I absolutely love it and I can't wait to finish the pages I have yet to do! Here are a few pages that I have done!

The pages I have yet to start are The hiking page that will come after camping, Callaway Gardens, and golfing/Masters page after that!

So, mid March Josh and I went camping and it was so much fun! FDR State park claimed they had a ton of wildlife, but we only say one deer and a million squirrels! One of the squirrels and a few of his accomplices chewed a hole in our tent to get some bread. Let's just say Josh and I learned not to leave food in the tent no matter how hot it's going to be in the back of the truck!
We also went on an EIGHT mile hike. It was an intense hike, too. Up and down huge mountains and around a few. I definitely wasn't prepared for it with my one little bottle of water! I was glad to be back at the truck that day.

After hiking, we drove the five minutes to Callaway Gardens and got in for free! they had some kind of party going on so we just mosied around by ourselves and got fun pictures!

After we got back from camping, mom asked if Josh and I wanted to go to the Masters. I mentioned it to Josh (who didn't know dad has tickets) and he flipped his lid! I thought he was going to go into shock. He was so excited and said absolutely we are going! We decided what day we wanted to go on, and in a few weeks we would be heading to Augusta on Sunday April 12 to the Masters!
A few weekends after camping, Josh and I made a trip to a local golf course and I watched him golf and he taught me the basics. I never knew what a birdie or bogey was until that day. I guess the excitement of going to the Masters got Josh in a golfing mood. It was a lot of fun watching him play and I got some cool swinging pictures to add to the scrapbook!

The Masters was a lot of fun! We left at about 6:30am and got up there early enough to get our chairs 5 rows back on the 18th hole! We watched the first 5 or 6 pairs go through the first hole and then walked over to ten and sat in the grass for a while. We ended up walking to 6 and watching Tiger Woods and Phil Mickleson putt. Then we raced through the crowd and got to 8 to watch them tee off. Then we ran to 10 to watch them putt! It was a lot of fun! I think we ventured back up to our chairs after that! We were really tired and hot! The three way tie at the end was a treat for us to see. That hasn't happened since 1987 (that was the year i was born!), so it has been a while!
Since it was a tournament day... no cameras. I was devastated, but my mom let me keep one of the tickets and I'm going to rip apart that little booklet they give out to put in the scrapbook. Maybe that'll look ok.

Other than that not much has been going on! I went down to my sister's house and got to play with my niece! She's so much fun and I loved being able to see her and hold her! I'll probably get to go down there again soon because I'll be done with classes for a few weeks! I'm quite sure we'll have a playdate!