Jul 28, 2010

Ray Ban?! Yes!!

I had a good bit of errands to run today before I go jump on a jet plane in a couple days! 

1. I had a Doctor's Appointment at 10:10.
2. I had to take a shirt back to Target.
3. Josh wanted to go to TJMaxx.
4. I needed to get a drug test for nursing school. 

So Josh and I head off to the 'big city'. It's not really big.. but it has a movie theater. So It's big to us!
1. My doctor's appointment was amazing. You see, I have had this major problem for about 3 years. I can't hear. Well, I couldn't hear. They vacuumed my ear canals out and removed some pretty nasty ear wax plugs. I think I was on the verge of being 'deaf' because when I was done I felt like everyone was screaming at me. I could hear noises that I couldn't hear before... like the blinker in my car. Speaking of my car... it sounds like an airplane!! When I cranked it up I thought it was about to shoot out over the parking lot! I'm so glad I can hear again! I have really tiny ears and now I'm not allowed to use Q-tips at all. I didn't really use them in the first place until I got water in my ears! So I can hear and the birds are singing a little louder! :)

2. I forgot the shirt at my house. Bummer. So much for getting a new shirt.

3. Josh and I head to TJMaxx. I was pretty excited about this because I like TJMaxx. My sister gets a lot of good stuff from there including a pair of Kate Spade sunglasses for only $30. My mom just got my new luggage from there as well! 
We walk in and I go straight for the sunglasses! I thought Josh was going to be able to get some Costas from a guy he knows that is a dealer, but that fell through. I have been hoping to get some new sunglasses ever since my old costas fell to the bottom of the lake while I was fishing. 
I started going through them and didn't see much. I got kinda bummed, but then I saw one of those security things on a pair... I picked them up and they were Ray Ban! Sweeeeet! They were $69.99. Yikes that's a lot for a pair of sunglasses. I bit the bullet and ran with them out of the store! Well, after paying of course!!
I got home and looked up those bad boys and they are $169.00 on the Ray Ban website! Saving that much just feels good!

4. Drug test. No drug test got done. I walked in the office and the lady wasn't sitting in her little chair when I signed in and I was about to wet my pants so I went and used the restroom! Well she comes back like 5 minutes later and is like oh what do you need? I need a drug test. Ok do you have the urge? Um, no. I just went but if you would have been sitting there when I got here over 5 minutes ago I would still 'have the urge'! Whoever told me at school that it was a blood test, you were wrong!!
So I was pretty mad after I left that place and forgot to go by the cake store for mom. 
I really don't feel like driving all the way back up there for a drug test, so it just may wait until after I get back from Europe! Unless I decide to go shopping... hmm.

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Jennifer said...

It's so fun getting good deals! However, as bad as I am at keeping up with sunglasses I don't think I could pay over 10 bucks for a pair! My hubby used to buy Oakley's back when we was rodeoin' full time, winning money, and not married with a kid. I always give him heck about that. ;)
I guess I'm just cheap...Lol.