Jul 9, 2010

So Busy...

 I have been so busy the past two days that I haven't even been able to think about anything but school!! It's paid off so far.. I made an A on a test I took yesterday! Now I just have to get through another test on Wednesday and get all my history class stuff turned in by Wednesday as well!

I want to write my entry on Churchhill Downs so bad! It'll have to wait until Thursday though. I won't take any study breaks to write blogs because I am taking the whole day off tomorrow (except travel time in the car!). Josh and I are going up to the lake with mom to spend the day up there! I'm pretty excited. After my tubing experience with my sister (which I still need to write about!)... I'm ready for tubing experience with boyfriend! I don't think tomorrow's experience will come close to the laughs that Linsey and I had... and provided for the people in the boat, but it will still be great! (:

Off to bed so that I can enjoy the lake! And maybe some birthday ice cream or cake! (:

SO many blog posts to come!!! Check back on Thursday!

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CHERI said...

Hi, Molly......I received a Blog Award today and I'm supposed to share it with 15 people!!! I chose you but don't feel you have to participate. I don't think everyone likes doing them but I hated not to participate at least this one time. See my blog to better understand.