Sep 21, 2012


They don't make that noise yet... we still have another couple of months (I hope) but I really can't wait until one of them starts crowing! I just hope whoever starts crowing first doesn't choose 4AM to do his crowing like the neighbors chicken that I, thankfully, can not hear!
This is one of my silver laced wyandottes. 

Production red and a black cochin.

Elvis himself. One of 3 roosters. 
He is a buff Cochin

the 'Typical' chicken as I call them. Barred Rock. 
They are my sweetest chickens. 

Speckled Sussex

Silver Laced Cochin Rooster #2

Black Cochin, Rooster #3
I adore him. He's beautiful.

I say I have 3 roosters. I may have four but I am hoping my other black cochin is not a rooster. 

My personal favorite! My gold laced Cochin. 

Some of the whole crew!

I love my chickens! They make me very happy on some days. Like today when they came running from their house to greet me at my car. Makes a girl feel special when a bunch of chickens run towards you squawking FEED ME!

The two whitish looking chickens behind the production reds are 2 of my 4 Easter Eggers . I call them my crazy chickens. Because that is just what they are... CRAZY.

Sep 14, 2012

Blog Wagon.

I have obviously fallen off. The blog wagon that is.

My life has been full of crazy and fun things.

I still have too many jobs, for most people. I love it though. I seriously have something to do all the time, but I still have my me time to study and ride my horses! Perfect mix.

I pretty much have all of my mornings during the week to ride horses and the weather has been GREAT and I have taken advantage of that! I still work for my dad on most Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays. I babysit a 10 year old little girl that rides horses (which is what we do) on Tuesdays and on Wednesdays I go to school and train a pony for a 10 year old little boy. The Thursdays I am not working for my dad I work at the hospital from 6:38am to 7:15pm.

The past five days alone I have ridden horses seven times. I have ridden all five this week and I have ridden Ms Fatty three times this week. That is my goal for Ms Eats A Lot.

She doesn't look so bad in that picture though.

On the other hand....
Look at that NECK. More like look at that dinosaur. 

Now, I don't even put the grazing muzzle on her... that was just a test.

We are sticking to exercising three times a week for an hour or more and she actually looks a little bit better! Success. 

Die grass, die.

Did you forget I have chickens now? 28 chickens to be exact. 25 hens to be exact. 3 roosters to be exact.

I love them. They are my babies.

Except, my ameraucanas are craaaaaazzzzyyy.

My rooster, Elvis. That may not be my rooster for much longer if he bites me again.

One of my crazy ameraucanas. 

 And My sweet sweet latch guarding my precious chickens on one of their first days out of the coop!

I have not forgotten about Dottie!! She is still around and just as much as a spitfire as she was when we got her! She is precious and we LOVE her. 

She is THE most spoiled dog we have ever had. She gets on any piece of furniture she pleases. All she has to do is whimper. I KNOW. 

When she needs to go outside she will whine at the door. She almost know what 'tell me' means, which means to speak. She will do this no bark mouth movement and snap her teeth all at the same time... so cute. 

She loves to dig.

She loves to bury her bones in the yard.

And she LOVES to eat chicken poop.

Her spots have multiplied times 1000. I'm sure.

The way she sits on her butt cracks me up.

And she loves that brother, Latch.

Don't worry. My horses have been getting LOTS of attention! :)
Lots of riding with friends

Lots of riding at night

Told you, Queen of Eating has been the hot commodity around here!

and of course, my baby boy.

One more thing, Josh is still around. Fancy that. ;)