May 23, 2011

An Engagement!!

Josh and I made the 5 hour trip to South Alabama to take Anna and Chris's engagement pictures this weekend!

We had a BLAST!!

A refresher... Anna is one of my best friends that I went to school with at Auburn and Chris is her lovely fiance that is a police officer. They are THE sweetest couple and are SO precious!

I'll keep it short and get to the pictures. I love them all, but here are some of my favorites!

And, thanks to my Joshua for making my watermark! :)

Anna and Chris, Josh and I had sooo much fun with you two this weekend! I'm so happy I finally got to meet your parents!! Everyone was so sweet. I might have to take Mrs. Dawn's advice... you know what I'm talkin' about! :)  Thank you for allowing me to do this Anna! I love how they turned out and I can't wait to do the wedding!!! I hope to see the two of you VERY soon!!!!
I love you Anna!!

May 19, 2011

Been huntin'?

If you haven't heard.... Armadillo Season is back in.
I woke up this morning to the above.

It's been going on for about 2 weeks now. You would never know that they have been Armadillo hunting all night.... but I think Cutie Pie gives it away. You can't tell in the picture, but she was shivering! Cutie, I think you're a little too old to be going on Armadillo adventures.

Look at that tired, pitiful, dirty face. 
I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think he has come back with a stick stuck in the roof of his mouth yet. I am sure that he has lost an entire toenail in the process of this hunting rampage. He completely ripped off the nail and left the 'quick'. He's so stoic. He walks around like nothing ever happened! I don't know about you... but I can't even cut my finger nail too short or it'll killlll me!

How come dogs always stick out their tongues when you're trying to take a picture of them!?

This little tid bit has not gone Armadillo hunting.

He just sits there like a precious little puppy.
Did you notice that thing in the picture above? That squiggly looking black thing sitting behind Latch?
That would be a squirrel's tail. He has spent the past two days carrying that poor squirrel's tail around. He's learning quickly how to survive in this place. Before long he'll be carrying a deer leg around. He's growing up so fast! ;)

May 16, 2011

My New Pup.

I was NOT planning on obtaining a new puppy anytime soon. I remember begging my dad to allow me get a Lab puppy about a year ago and it was an absolute No. I was about to find out about vet school and we didn't know where I was going to live, etc. Well, looking back it would have been a perfect time to get a puppy because I just ended up living at home! But, I kind of forgot about wanting a puppy. I just said I would wait until I got my own place.

Then Friday the 13th, this little pup squeezed his way into my life.

He was sitting on the side of the road at just the right time.

You know, I have NEVER seen a puppy on the side of the road? Of course... I picked Lola up off the road but, she was almost full grown.

You always hear about people dropping puppies off on dirt roads or leaving them on the sides of big highways... but I had never seen one until Friday. I guess people just pick them up pretty quickly or... the other happens.

The other as in... what would have happened to this puppy if I wouldn't have stopped to get him.

I whizzed past him and the second I got next to him he ducked down and curled up into a little ball on the side of the highway. He had that "please help me" look on his face. He looked like one of those puppies on the anti-animal abuse commercials.

 My nursing friend, Karen, that I car pool the hour drive to school with said "Oh my goodness!! We can't leave him!!" I said, "Ok... we'll turn around but we're only going to look at him!" Yeah Right, Molly.

Anyone that knows me knows that I am a sucker for animals. Any Animal.

I turned the car around and turned onto the little country road that he was sitting next to. I stopped the car and those precious eyes lit up and he started running towards my car. I stepped out of my car and grabbed him up. He literally collapsed in my arms with a sigh of relief. He was skin and bones with a wormy belly to boot.  As I was getting back into my car a mennonite drove up and rolled the window down. I held him out offering him to the lady and said "Is he yours?!" She replied with a no and drove off quickly. I got a cup and put a few ice cubes from my diet coke in it... he licked at them and quickly crashed into a deep sleep. He slept in my lap for the remaining 25 minutes that we had left to get back to my house. Karen was smitten over this dog, but she has two 9 week puppies herself and couldn't take him on as well.

Once home, I gave him some of Lola's food and some fresh water. Then I gave him a bath. He was so filthy, matted with black tar looking stuff...

I decided I would take him to work with me and show him to my dad. Well, dad knows just how I am. (:  Don't cha dad!  I have asked for a lab puppy, and when I worked at the vet I asked for this dog that they might put down, asked for this golden retriever that was brought to the vet that would soon go to adopt a golden, and on and on and on! All of them were No, No, No, No!

Well, Dad saw this puppy and he just smiled. I said "Dad, you want a puppy?" He said, where'd you get him?! I told him the story and he said "Well he's cute enough I bet you can find him a home!" So, I posted on Facebook and put his picture up.

No interest on facebook. This same day at work the couple that rents our corner office said that they would be interested in taking him if I couldn't keep him. I was so happy that I had a good family for him if he couldn't stay with me!

I went by walmart and got a small bag of Iams puppy food and a toy. We got back to the house and I told dad that if I absolutely couldn't keep him for my new horse riding buddy that I had found him a good home. Well, he never said I couldn't keep him, so I am assuming that he gets to stay!

He is an outside puppy, but he knows no different! He loves it here and is so happy all the time. We live far enough off the road that I don't have to worry about that.... so outside he stays! Lola had to warm up to him... but now she loves playing with him and so does Tug and Cutie!

Coal.... not a fan.

But he wanted to play with them so bad!

He even played some golf with Josh!

More like.... I got the ball!!! Hahaha! You can't get it back!

My thinking is that I am going to train him to go on horse rides with me. It scares me to death sometimes to take a dog... because I have had one get hit by a car while riding horses, but she was ok! So, I really make sure they know to listen to me and stay behind my horse! They also have to know "Get off the road!!"  Cutie pie learned that pretty quickly!  So, Cutie Pie was my riding buddy for the past 11 years. She was such a great dog to take with me! She is now getting too old.... and she knows it too! She'll go every once and a while, but If I know that I am going to be gone for a while then I make her stay home. I had to carry her halfway home last time she went. So hopefully puppy will be my next riding buddy!

So, what's his name?!

I think I am going to call him Latch.  It's not 100% set in stone, but I do love that name. I was also thinking about calling him Doc/Dock.  Also, Todd just popped into my head. I like that too! Dad, do you have any ideas?!?

I got Latch from Josh's grandmother's maiden name. She is from Louisiana and they have awesome last names there! haha! Latiolais is her maiden name. Pronounced Latch-o-lay. I just think it's kinda cool and you may think that I am weird!! ;)

So that is his story!

p.s. This is my 200th post! :)

May 15, 2011

Yes, I've done it again...

May 8, 2011


You haven't met an incredible woman until you meet this one.

She gave birth to 6 kids.... 2 at one time!
She even lost one and still had the strength to have more.

She cooks, makes us cakes, takes us to the beach, buys us everything we would ever need... the list will never end.

She's always right. Yep... she is. The mom is always right! 

Basically, I wouldn't be who I am without her and I don't think my brothers and sisters would be either.

She did an awesome job of raising a great family and I hope that her grandchildren are just like the little soldiers we were... haha jk!! 

So, Mom, thank you for everything you have done for me! You believed in my when a lot of people didn't. Thanks for all the yummy cakes and ice cream cakes you bought me for my birthdays, all those uncountable present I have received over the years at Christmas, all the advice you gave me that I didn't listen to and I should have, and for being the most awesome mom in the world.

And to end, a funny story. Now that it is in the past I think I can tell it.

The other day, I was on my way home from school and mom calls me... she asked me where I was and I told her. She then said "Well ALL the cows are in MY yard, so you need to call so they can come get them all out of my yard!"  I told her to calm down and go inside... I was in the driveway anyways. "Well ALL the horses are out too! Now Rose is in the horse feed!!!" Once again... mom go inside I'll take care of it!! 

I pull up in the driveway and get all my horses in the pastures... next the cows. There were about 15 cows out. I got my handy dandy whip and started herding some back into the pasture. Mom was spraying the water hose in the yard to get them to go back towards the pasture. Once I have gotten a few in I turn around and see a movie scene that literally made me laugh right there. (She probably wouldn't have been happy if she knew I had laughed!) But I did.

There was a Big cow running full trot through the flower beds, bushes, and across the front walk way... then comes Mom running after the cow, Mom is barefoot in a sundress and is in  full speed across the yard with a broom in hand! It was so funny! I can play it slow motion in my head and I just laugh all over again!


Oh wee, Mom, even if cows and my horses poop in your yard all the time, you know you still love me! ;)

I love you!

Happy Mother's Day!

May 4, 2011

End of Finals Celebration!

It was the only thing I could think of that I wanted to do....

And who better to spend the celebration with than my spotted girl Sassy. She surprisingly did very well today. She usually lives up to her name and gives me a hard time. We were having a laid back, slow loping kind of day! :)

I think I may continue my celebration and put Lizzie in the round pen and work her!!

May 3, 2011


She's starting to fit in well around here. She has buddied up with Lizzie (the horse in my header) and is showing the others who is boss when they go to run her off. A swish of her tail and her ears flat back leads to the horses backing off and leaving her alone. That swish must be the precursor of a mighty kick! ;)

Still haven't come up with a good name. I like Frannie/Fran whoever mentioned that one, but I have an Aunt Fran and I best not name my donkey after my Aunt! :)

My mom still calls her Jenny... I do not like Jenny, so I have been calling her Donkey. 

Hope everyone is having a great week! I have 1 final to go until I am done for the semester! Then... I start on Monday for Summer semester. What an awesome Summer break I get huh! 4 days. Woo hoo.

Our teacher even had the nerve to tell us, with a huge smile, "I hope y'all have a good break! We'll see you Monday. Oh and if you want to get ahead... you can start on the Antibiotics chapeter!!"

Ha. Yeah right!!

May 2, 2011

Belted Babes

Litter number 2!

Me and "Pumba"

They're THE cutest!!!!

Me and little Matilda!!

count: 10
6 boys and 4 girls
Duroc X Hampshire