Jul 28, 2010

Living in the country...

...means you don't have city water!

...means you have yummy tasting water from a well!

...means you don't have a water bill!

...means that when you're electricity goes out, your water goes out.

...means when the lightning strikes your pump, your water goes out... for good.

...means you may have to scavenge for water remaining in the pipes throughout the house and warm it up in the microwave for a 'spit bath' (mom).

I will be sleeping with my makeup on tonight...
At least I got enough water out of the pipe to brush my teeth! :)

I hope my horsies don't run out of water! Especially Flint and Opie.. They're sharing a pasture with 10 other big cows. Does anyone know how much water a cow drinks? Gallons and gallons. In one sitting too! Water hogs...

Cows..... 25-50 gallons a day.
Horses... a measly 10-12 gallons a day.
Deer.....2 gallons per day.

Ok.. Deer have nothing to do with this post.. I just felt that they must be included! :)

Ok.. goodnight!


Darcy said...

Oh, how I wish I lived in the country. Water losses 'n all :)

Anonymous said...

this made me giggle :) haha hope your surviving with your limited amount of water!

thanks so much for commenting btw! <33

Jennifer said...

I hear ya girl! :) Hope you get it fixed soon! I hate not having water. You never know how much you need it until it's not there anymore.

Rachel said...

In this part of the world... far west Texas, we can loose electricty but still have water, it gravities from a storage tank to our house. But we do lose water often enough in the winter time, from freezes.
Hope it's back on for ya!!

citygirltocountrygirl said...

Hi, first time visiting your blog. Interesting post on water. Didn't know that cows were water hogs. I have 2.5 acres that I have yet to do anything with, so this post really is making me rethink the whole mini-cow plan I had in my head. Do you know how much goats consume?

City Girl to Country Girl