Dec 30, 2010


This is where I am going tomorrow!

I'll let you know if I break my leg!

Dec 27, 2010

Christmas Time!

I've never actually had a REAL Christmas post on my blog! Wow!

Well, Christmas around my house is a big thing! We love having our family over here and this year was a success!

Before I get to Christmas Day, I'll cover Christmas Eve! Josh and I always swap gifts on Christmas Eve. He had me completely flipped around on what I was getting. Everything I wanted was out of stock. So I really had no clue! He also had no clue what I got him! It was something he had talked about all year whenever we saw them. Now he finally has them!

Look at the excitement on that face! Such a faker. He definitely knew he was getting those! ;)

#2. Golf balls

and # 3
Ready for this?

He looks so happy!

Pretty loafers!

Lookin' good baby!!

My turn!

yay I love my new jacket! :)

and... my Monkey sticker! haha

Thank you Joshua for my presents!

On to Christmas day!
The boys started off with a little Wiffle ball

There were dogs... carrying things around
Like deer hides.

My mom's Christmas decor. She made those cool boxes.

Cookie watching wiffle ball

We had lots of family time!

horrible horrible picture of me, but great of my uncle Johnny!

Well hey there Toby.
(Did I tell about Toby?! That dog right there... He's the GT frat house dog... another story for another time!)

Blair got a new kitchen! and She played and played!

Kids played games

Adults played White Elephant!

There were some pretty good gifts. I bought a loaf pan by Paula Dean. Pretty nice stuff! Daddy ended up with that! So it gets to stay in our house! I picked what linsey brought- one of those gay cans of popcorn... haha. I pawned it off to my little cousin in the green shirt after her snuggie got taken! I ended up with a mitten coffee cup. I think I should have held on to the popcorn! It was a fun time though!

We had barbeque this year! Last year we had chili and grilled cheese (my fav!)

We also had some baked beans, slaw, lots o' chips, and some yummy desserts.

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is breakfast. Even though I'm not much on Breakfast Casserole... I love eating me some grits and biscuits!

Joshua brought his helicopter that he got for christmas over to my house after lunch. It was definitely a crowd pleaser! 

Even Pop liked it. 
Then he landed it on the roof!

All the guys were having contests to see if they could land the helicopter on the table and who could do it the fastest. It was pretty entertaining! 

Then of course we had presents!


Lola.. hehe

Aunt Sue and Edithlynn

Mom got a Giant cookie cutter!

It was a great Christmas! I loved seeing everyone and getting to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus with them. Christmas always makes me so happy!

Now, it's time to go to Colorado!! I could leave right now and be perfectly fine with that. Josh is working night shift with his dad... and sleeping all day. That alone will make this week go by so slow!

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

Dec 20, 2010

Bokeh Bokeh Bokeh

(As I typed that... I said it in my head as Tigger would say bouncy bouncy bouncy!)

Pioneer Woman Photography Contest.
This was my first entry.
Let's see if it'll bring me anything!

Oh, I'll explain about the half eaten cookie and a soon to come post! :)

Dec 19, 2010

My heart

I love this puppy face.

How could anyone put this sweet sweet dog out on the side of the road.... 

Thank you, little baby Jesus, for leading this little puppy to me!

Dec 17, 2010

Pictures for you

Flint wants a kiss!

Coal kitty on the prowl

My wild children

Dec 15, 2010

Animals Galore.

I've been working on a specific list for a while now.  A list of all the animals my family has ever had. I never realized how lucky we were as kids to be able to have animals like we did. No wonder I love animals!

I've talked to a couple people... Josh in particular, and asked him how many animals he ever had growing up..... 3. 3! only 3! I think I would have died!! And they were all dogs. One of them they still have and I really can't stand her, but that's another story. I will never have a "min pin". ugh.

Anyways, here is my list of animals. I love naming animals and I just love looking at all the cool names we've had over the years! :)

* = animals currently living on our farm!

Rock- Yellow Lab (dad's dog)
Prissy- Cocker spaniel (mom's dog)
Sweetie- Springer Spaniel- she had a litter of puppies
Junebug- Horse
Polka Dot- Cat
Socks- Cat
Tiger- Cat
TJ (Tiger Junior)- Cat
Jingle Belles-Cat
Dog – Cat
Crazy- Cat
A million other cats
Belle- Chocolate lab
Gassy Bob- Goat
Squirrels (2 at least)
Classic- Horse
Pepper- Schnauzer
Ace- Cat
Coffee- Cat
Crème- Cat
Zorro- Cat
*Goldie- Cat (She’s old- ready to kill over- wild thing…. Literally feral) Update: Goldie has passed.
Trip- Cat
Noel- Gerbil
Cody- Wire haired Fox Terrier
Wrigley- Yellow Lab
Barley- Golden Retriever
Bay- Black Lab
Murphy- Airdale Terrier
Cadi- Yellow Lab
Penny- Yellow Lab- she had a 2 litters of puppies (3 and 12)
Hunk- Fox Red Lab
*Tug- Fox Red Lab
Gus (now my sister’s)
Mr. Squirrel- Squirrel (I ran him over with the four wheeler and saved his life!)
Aflac- Peking Duck
Inman- Mallard
Maddie- Mallard
Ada- Mallard
Lucy- Mallard
*Cutie Pie- Precious dog (Golden/Cocker)
Rascal- Cat
Oscar- Cat
*SoBe- horse
*Rose- horse
*Flint- horse
*Sassy- horse
Melody- horse
Scout- horse
Sioux- horse
Deputy- horse
*Lizzie- horse
Musket- horse
*Diesel- Cat
*Coal- Cat
*Lola- American Bulldog
*Opie- Dairy Cow
*Cookie/Sky/other names- Cat

Sexy (Angus Bull), Betsy, Silverbullet, Dip head, Rexy (as in Anorexic), Luna, Buster, Annie (the orphan), Georgia, Teddy Bear (Braunvieh Bull),  plus all the cows that didn’t have names- 50+ more!!

Did you count them by chance? I'll count them for you 67+. That's a lot of animals my friend!

My neighbor happens to have 67+ horses... so I know there are people out there with more animals than me! His horses don't really have names though... unless I give them one! :(

So, how many animals did you have growing up/currently!?

Dec 13, 2010

Cold and Horses

They don't mix well for me. Hot and horses don't either!

I have mentioned before how I use to ride hours on end... switching out horses every 2 or 3 hours... hot or cold.

I don't know how I did it... I guess I was still so young... haha! Just kidding! :)

Well today... I think I figured out how I did it!!

1 pair of leggings
1 pair of jeans
1 long sleeve t shirt
1 Auburn sweatshirt
2 Northface jackets
1 pair of gloves
1 scarf

I think I might be able to sing the 12 days of Christmas with my clothes!

It was still chilly, but it didn't feel like 15 degrees to me like the weather says it should!

I also couldn't move much. My ROM (Range of Motion) was definitely impaired! :)

Dec 10, 2010

The Babysitter Club

Josh and I started a new club last week. The Babysitter club. There are only 3 people in it though... Josh, me and.... Blair!!

Everyone was gone away doing something except for me, Josh and GT (my dad). Josh and I got to keep Blair for the night and we had a lot of fun!

We read, colored, sang, danced and watched Auburn win the SEC. :)

Josh had a brilliant idea. It was actually something that my siblings and I did as kids all the time.... build a fort! I'm thinking that this was Blair's first fort experience. She loved it!!

I think this is where she was running around like a crazy child! She would run all the way around the fort and then almost dive into the door. She would fall on her but almost every time because her pants were so long and slick she would slip when on the little strip of hardwood by the couch!

so the pants just had to come off! 

I love how she ducked down to walk in and out of it! 

Josh (Dosh) read her books and sang to her... She loves Josh!

It was a pretty cool fort! We'll have to do one with different rooms at another time. Maybe we can get GT to build her a box house! Now those were cool!! Another story for another time, but he use to build us houses out of oven, refrigerator, washer and dryer boxes. Doors, windows, hallways and rooms... another good childhood memory! :)

After the fort, we were coloring and building blocks...

"Blair, please don't knock down my beautiful tower of blocks! Please!"
"Don't do it! Don't do it!"

"Oooooh Noooo!" :)

And then she pulled out all the bows.... She wanted to put some in my hair and then she wanted to put some in her hair. Well I put three across the top of her head and then she wanted them all in there! 
I wish I would have gotten a better picture! By the time I got my camera she wanted to take them all out! haha

And then Auburn won the SEC :)

Maybe Josh and I will get to keep her again soon. I'm going to get her out on a horse one day!