Jun 29, 2010


Pioneer woman is having another photography assignment. The theme was chosen by a fellow follower. America. I chose Feet.... but oh well (:

Perfect timing for an American theme...  Just in time for fourth of july... so I put in pictures of Watermelon!  That's all I got folks...

Oh wait I just thought of another!! yay!
Anyways... Back to watermelon.

You may recognize this photo from a previous post from last week!

I put in a watermelon picture the very first day, it was different than this one... and then she picked a watermelon picture! but it wasn't mine... :(
But Coal Kitty is in this one... I think that might get her attention! ;)

This will be my third entry.

Jun 27, 2010

Bare With Me

While I figure out how my blog is going to look!

Currently, I don't like it!

But, I have bigger things to worry about.... like studying!!

So it will be all fancy and pretty again soon!

I'll leave you with a precious picture...

His name is Winston... and he is precious!! He was at the wedding I attended yesterday... post coming soon!  After I get my blog fixed!

Jun 24, 2010

'member Opie?

Opie will be 17 weeks this Sunday. That's over 4 months old. I can't believe I have had my baby cow for 4 months!

To say that he is growing, I think, is an understatement! I haven't been able to go out to play with him or visit him in the past month because of my foot. I can get my boots on now, so I went out to visit him for a bit the other day. He is HUGE! He was laying down under a tree when I found him and he just looked like ol' little Opie. Then he got up to come see me... oh my he is long and tall! 

I'm glad he's growing, but being away from him really lets me see how big he has gotten! Anyways! Of course I have pictures!

Sweet little looking Opie.

BIG Opie! ok... maybe you have to be there to see him. He's gone from being as tall as my mid thigh... to the very tip top of my hip.

He is still sweet as ever! To me anyways... he doesn't like babies much. He followed me around/ran around chasing Lola. He was having fun!

Doesn't he just look like a cow now? I think he's losing that precious baby cow look. He's getting his dark black color on his face and losing all his baby cow brown hair! I can't wait until he's black and white like a real dairy cow!

He and Flint are still best friends!

Jun 23, 2010


We have watermelon!! Thanks to some farmers in south-ish Georgia including my sister's husband and his farm crew!  That is where this beauty came from! And it's seedless!!

As I was taking these pictures, Coal Kitty jumped up in the chairs. I guess he thought he was going to get some watermelon!


Jun 22, 2010

Armadillo Killers. Part 2.

I never really told you this part of the story.
Tug is an avid armadillo hunter. He and Cutie Pie leave for hours at a time; we just figure they are hunting armadillos! They could be hunting other stuff I guess... but we kinda have... proof... if you want to call it, that they do in fact hunt armadillos on those long nights. 

I have never gotten pictures of it before, but Tug came back from one of his nightly armadillo outings this morning. Mom, Blair and I were sitting on the front porch swinging when Tug came around the corner. I said hey buggy! He comes running up on the porch for attention, which he receives! 

After a couple minutes sitting there, he starts pawing at his mouth... like so.

Tug? What's wrong? Mom said he's trying to get that bug off his nose! Uh.. I don't think so...
Yep... just what I thought!

A stick.

When Tug and Cutie go out hunting for armadillos they have to dig lots and we figure that they have to dig through some roots or something. As they are digging they are biting at the armadillo and biting sticks/vines in the process!
This is the 8th time Tug has gotten a stick stuck in the roof of his mouth over the past year or so! Dad, correct me of that time is wrong! 

This is the smallest stick of all of them so far. It's more of a vine than a stick. They are usually big, round, brown, root looking sticks. 

So, that is our proof! These armadillo hunters are hardcore.

Jun 20, 2010

Crabs, Stingrays, and Sand...

Josh and I made it back safe and sound to a house of about 30+ people! My whole entire family from my Mom's side was here for a reunion. I was so happy to come home to LOTS of family!

Our trip down to Florida was a lot of fun! We stopped by our 'shack' in panacea. I wanted Josh to see it and I haven't been there in almost 10 years, so I wanted to see it as well! It hasn't changed a bit.. and Josh proved that. We drove up and he said "oh my gosh... what the heck is this place". Ok, so remember I said shack? Well, it's a shack. 4 walls and a roof. It's not much to look at for some, but I love panacea. We went there when we were little on little beach vacations and I have so many memories there. We also have a new dock! well, not new anymore, but new to me! It's very big! All of ours have gotten taken away by hurricanes... except this one! So, here's panacea! Enjoy!

We departed from the shack and headed towards St. George. My mom had told Josh and me not to get eaten by any bears down there. We saw these signs and I though it was hilarious. They were all the way up until the bridge to St. George!

Then we finally made it to St. George!
Josh and I were a big fan of a lot of the beach houses!

This one is my favorite! I loved the copper roofed houses.

We got to the state park and we were early to check in so they told us to go be tourists basically! We went back to town and stopped at Aunt Eddy's to eat lunch. It was sort of like a subway, but not quite as good. Subway was next door... but we decided to eat something different. I am a firm believer of not eating restaurants that are in your hometown when you are on vacation. I just like eating at new places!

We got all situated and headed out to the beach to swim. It was HOT!
Then we went to eat at a yummy place called Oyster Bay. I had steamed oysters and Josh had blackened grouper! (I think!)
I took my laptop so we could watch movies, so that is what we did at nighttime. Shutter Island was one of the movies we watched. It was pretty good! Kinda freaky.

Saturday, We headed out to the beach pretty early and stayed until 3. 
It was so gorgeous there.

A thunder storm started rolling in so we packed up to go get ready for supper. We went and ate at the Blue Parrot. It is an ocean front restaurant with sandwiches and lots of yummy stuff. Josh and I both got Fried Grouper Sandwiches. They were really really good!

After we ate, we headed back to the beach to walk while the sun set. :)

We saw 4 or 5 of these guys.. I love them! They are so graceful!

We had lots of fun! Thanks Joshua for a great beach trip!
Hopefully we'll get to go back to the beach before school starts!

Happy Father's Day Daddy!! I love you!!!

Jun 17, 2010

Last bug.

This is probably the last bug photo I will be able to put into PW's contest! I leave for the beach in 6 hours and I have no clue if I'll be on before Sunday. Maybe she'll like one of them! There will always be next time if she doesn't!

I feel like he was smiling! I have about 10 to 15 pictures of this guy and in this one he was turning his head up/looking around and it just looks like he's smiling :)

I hope everyone has a great weekend! and Happy Father's Day on Sunday!

Piggies are here!

She had 11 babies and she lost one.

This one is my favorite! :)
He's the only orange one.
Josh and I named him Aubie!
He doesn't even squeal when you pick him up! He's very laid back.
But, he's a boy... I doubt he'll go the showpig route. He'll go to the sausage route.

Josh giving mama some water.


and again! He's precious!

Josh helping the little baby... She hasn't been looking too good. 

Going to the beach tomorrow! :)
More bugs pictures hopefully coming soon!

A piece of work.

I think this just my be my favorite photograph I have ever taken... or seen.
I just love it!

I was out finding bugs yesterday and I finally got one of those skittish butterflies to sit still for a second and got this shot! It's one of 2 I snapped in the same 10 seconds and then it flew off. They are not very patient like Evinrude! I blew off this picture until I saw it on my computer... I sure am glad I am one of those that doesn't delete ANY pictures until they are on my computer!

BTW! As of 7:30 this morning there was 9 little piggies with more to come! I'll take pictures today!

Jun 16, 2010

Bugs 2!

Entry 2

Still no piggies....

Jun 15, 2010


That is the new photography assignment on Pioneer Woman this week!!! 
I'm not a big fan of bugs, but there are some gorgeous bugs in this world!

I took a study break (which I probably shouldn't have done) to go outside and look for some bugs! I found one!!

He is gorgeous and here is the photo I submitted of him today!

I looove his eyes! 
I shall call him Evinrude! 
(like the one in the movie The Rescuers!)

At first Evinrude was not too fond of me getting in his personal bubble. He was switching from this one little spot in our flower bed to another spot over in the grass. I just sat down by the flower bed and waited for him to come back around. He finally did and I finally got close enough to get some pretty good pictures. Then, THEN Evinrude and I became best buds and he starting showing off with his little eyes and mouth. By this time I was pretty much laying in our front yard trying to get this awesome picture! :)
He was very patient and I thank him very much for that!! 

Jun 14, 2010

Mama Pig

This is mama pig.
Josh's mama pig that was once a showpig 

She doesn't usually live in this contraption thing... but she will for the next month. She's going to be having babies verrryy soon. She is verrryy large.

I just got a live update: she hasn't had them yet as of tonight. I predicted tonight... we will see!!

Oh, and don't worry, she doesn't mind being in there. She gets ALL the food she wants and lots of attention! and lots of babies. 

She has been mama pig for as long as i have known her. 2 years. She has had 3 litters. This will be her fourth. I can't even count on one hand how many champion/reserve champion pigs she has brought into this world. She herself is the Georgia National Fair Grand Champion Duroc of 2007. She's pretty big time.

But for now.. we're just waiting for all those tiny little piglets to pop out!
and she's sleeping.

My piglet prediction: 13
Piglet pictures coming soon!

Jun 11, 2010

Where did that dog come from?!

It's a German Shorthaired Pointer! Ooo wee I get a new dog!! One I've always wanted!

That was my first thought when I was rushing out the garage door to go to work this afternoon and saw this.......

Come out into the sunshine... let me get a better look!

Now that's one cute German Shorthaired Pointer...

Wait a second... That face looks reealllyy familiar!

Oh my gosh...

You're gonna have to have a bath Miss Lola!!!

Funny thing is.. I showed one of these pictures to my dad and he said oh my gosh that is one dirty dog and walked off. He came back and I said no but look! He said what is that? I said it's Lola! He didn't even recognize her!!

Jun 9, 2010

Now I'm in heaven...

Can I just say that I love Photoshop... and most importantly Pioneer Woman for giving us access to some pretty amazing things!!
Check these out...

Opie in 1940

Handsome Tug

1970 something
wait.. I wasn't born!

My dad's parents had this car... 
jk.. this car was from the wedding last weekend

I do love photoshop.