Feb 23, 2010

A Handsome Man

You lookin' at me?

I'm some kind of good looking, huh.

I am... aren't I?
Ok, Good!
Can I go play now!!?? Please!

 New Pioneer Woman Photography Contest!! 
It's 'Your Best Dog Photos". Hence the dog photos! :)
This is my daddy's dog, Tug. He's a Fox Red Labrador and he is gorgeous.

Feb 22, 2010

Doing homework.

I didn't think I'd ever say that this soon, but tis true!

I have my interview for vet school on Friday, so I have been looking up information, answering 'vet school interview' questions, and trying to prepare myself. It's not hard homework, but I definitely wouldn't go in their blind without thinking of things to say.

I've been thinking about things like 1- My most memorable vet experience 2- the tell me about yourself (which all I have is I'm the middle child of 5 and my name haha) 3- why I want to be a veterinarian 4- my strengths and weaknesses 5- the difference between animal rights and animal welfare 6- 5 qualities of a great veterinarian 7- why i chose this particular school 8- what i would do if i didn't get accepted 9- where i see myself 5, 10, 20 years from now 10- scenarios- ex. you have a mare that is in foal. The foal is worth a lot of money. The mare has a tumor in her lungs and can't breath. She is going to die. The foal is only at 8 months (out of 11). What will you do? (I don't know what I would do BTW!  You would have to ask can a foal live at 8 months gestation? Would you just euthanize both of them? Do you have another mare on hand that just by chance lost her baby within the past 3 or 6 hours that would adopt the foal? Would it get colostrum? I don't know these things... Guess I better look that up!) and finally, 11- Do I believe in using live animals in research/at the veterinary teaching hospital?

They say it's best not to memorize answers and blurt them out, so I've just been going over everything and making sure I know what I need to know and have stuff floating around in my head that I can use! Hopefully all goes well!

Today I went and bought my suit. Trusty, rusty JCPenny saved me a total of $51. Sweet! I was thinking I was going to have to spend $150 to $200- nope... $69.53 is all I spent. Then I went to Target on a celebration trip and bought some jewelry :) I love buying jewelry. Especially the long necklaces with animals on them. I have an elephant and a whale! Mema gave me a fish for christmas and I got a butterfly a long time ago.

So I'll be on my way to Auburn on Thursday night after work! I hope everyone has a great week! :)

Oh I went to the rodeo! I'll do a post on that later!

Feb 20, 2010

A very scary day.

Yesterday Josh and I decided to go for a ride while we waited on my friend, Anna, that was coming to visit from Auburn. I already had Flint out and saddled up from riding before Josh got there, so I called for the mares and grabbed SoBe for him. We saddled her up and headed out. Not even 10 minutes into our ride we got the bright idea of riding along the creek.
We went down to the creek and I took Flint down first and turned around and told Josh "It's really sinky!" he said "stinky? Why?" "No! It's Sinky!" and by the time I could say lets just turn around and go back SoBe had gone full fledge toward the water. She sunk down and fell forward, so I yelled to Josh to get off of her but he couldn't. She kept falling forward as she struggled to get her footing and then ended up falling over in the mud. She got her legs caught in some tree roots that restrained her from being able to move.
I started freaking out. SoBe is my baby. She was our first foal and this horse means everything to me. She's the one that everyone rides. I couldn't stand the thought of losing her that way. Josh, of course, was calm and was trying to get me calm. Well, that wasn't really happening. I was crying and screaming, I couldn't think of what I needed to do. I just begged her to get up.
I kept pushing her trying to help her get up and pulling on her legs trying to get them out from under the roots. She would try to get up and just groan and lay back down and close her eyes. It was awful. I kept getting handfuls of water out of the creek and putting them in her mouth and when I did that she would struggle to get up.
I finally got her legs moved to where she needed them to be able to get up. She got upright and jumped up and turned toward the hill and sunk back down again. At least she was upright... and eating on a bush. Thats when I knew she was going to be ok.
One of her back legs was sunk all the way down into the mud and the other was free. Her front legs where out in front her her. She finally boosted herself up and was standing. She stood there for what seemed like forever. I took the bridle off of her so she could do it on her own. She ate some more leaves and started walking a bit and finally got on solid ground. She walked back up the little deer trail to the top of the hill where Flint was anxiously waiting. She followed us all the way to the house, saddleless and bridleless. Instead of going to the feed bucket she followed us all the way to the front door.  We washed all the mud off her her, gave her a big meal and put her out to the pasture.

I took this picture when we were walking back up to the house. She looks so tired with her poor head hanging so low. I don't know if you can see all the mud, but there was a lot of it! I thought it was really neat she followed us up to the front door... she knew we were trying to help her!

This is where she was stuck. Her left front knee was stuck under that biggest root.
I think that this was the scariest thing I have ever been through! I'm just glad she didn't break one of her legs. I was scared that her front left was broken for the first 10 min. It would just flop back and forth when you moved it. But, she's ok!

Anna and I just came back from our fairgrounds where there was a livestock show and as we were coming down the driveway I was blowing the horn to get them to come up to the fence. SoBe was the first one to start running, like always! She was bucking and jumping all over the place. So glad she is ok!

Feb 16, 2010


Typical :)

Feb 14, 2010

Two Days of Snow= LOTS of pictures!

I know a lot of people say "snow.. big deal", but in Middle GA it is a big deal! It only snows about once every 2 or 3 years.. and if it does snow it will be less than 2 inches or even less than 1! But this year we got 4 inches!! Josh and I spent an hour or so outside with my horses taking pictures with them and I got so many good pictures. I also went out the next morning and took a lot of pictures with the beautiful blue sky! I'm so excited about these pictures! I can't wait to get them printed out and put in my new photo boxes!

This is Rose. She's gorgeous in the snow!
I really want to use her for a dressage horse :)
Josh and Rose. Right after this picture she tore off running! 
It's a really cool series. Maybe I'll share them another time!
SoBe looking for some treats!

Sun coming up! Melted the snow :(

Wish I could have gotten this photo in the photography contest! oh well!

Rosey Girl

Sassy girl. If you knew this horse... this is nothing new! Hence her name.

But She can be sweet!

My SoBe girl!
She was zoned in on the feed bucket so this is the only good picture I got of her!

My blue eyed Lizzie, I think she's so pretty.

My gorgeous Flint (I think all my horses are beautiful.. haha!)

Of course the dogs were playing! Lola hated the snow on Day 1 when it was falling...
 but Day 2 she was all for it!

Coal kitty... he wasn't too fond of the snow. 
He was pretty upset with me for making him get out there!

We sure did have fun in the snow! Josh took some time out of his very busy pig show day and came to take the snowball fight pictures that are in the post before this one! I love all those pictures! Thanks to my Mom for taking them! :)

Feb 13, 2010

My Day So Far...

It's been FUN! :)

Feb 11, 2010

Pottery Studio

I was taking pictures of the place last week while I was trying to get some pictures for the photography contest. We have all kinds of pottery that can be painted and we also have cooking classes. The cooking classes are done by some good chefs from all over GA and my sweet mother. She does hands on classes. There is a biscuit making class coming up in March that will be a good class!

This is where I work!

Getting ready for a Brownie Scout cooking class

Have to include Miss Lila

And if you can't come up with cute ideas, 
there are plenty of examples and books to help you out!

Come and put your creativity and imagination to work!

More DoF

Remember her? She was the one that the hawk wanted to eat for lunch!
So, more DoF... I think! I think it's a good try, wish it was a little more colorful in the background.. but, you take what you get at 6 in the afternoon!

Mmm Cupcakes. I just ate a chocolate one! I made some yesterday for a Brownie Scouts cooking class we had. It was yummy. They decorated them for a hands on thing to get a cooking badge.

Blog coming up on this place where I took these photos. Lovely place!

Feb 8, 2010

Photo Shoot #2

So I wanted to get creative and came up with these semi-ly creative pictures! Let me know your thoughts! You can do 1 photo a day for pioneer woman!! I plan too!!! :)

I call this one "Gimme Five!"
*entered into contest Tuesday

*Entering one of these on Wednesday

*Entering Maybe Thursday

Feb 7, 2010

Figuring out the Aperture Feature

and I finally did it! I have been trying to do this for the past week. I guess there wasn't enough light the first 10 times! I think every time I tried it was night time and the kitchen lights weren't enough. Pioneer Woman reposted some photography  blogs and I missed the last one she posted when I was going back looking through them before... and it just clicked when I read it. So, I went outside this morning to try it out on Flint!

I really like this setting. It's so fun to me!
*Entered into Contest Monday

Now I just need to figure out which one to put into Pioneer Woman's Photography assignment tomorrow IF it's an aperture assignment! Which I hope it is!

I love this one because it's blurry in the background and in front!

I don't know if you may have seen the previous Flint post, but I remember saying he was the sweetest horse in the world. That hasn't changed. He is a doll. As I was taking these pictures I would stop and scratch behind his ears and give him hugs and talk to him... so, every time I stepped away to snap a picture he would constantly walk forward and put his head against my shoulder. He couldn't stay close enough! :)

And why he had to lick me, I have no clue.

I love horse muzzles. They are just so soft looking!

I was just looking through some pictures after I posted this post and can I just say that I am in love with these pictures that I took about two weeks ago. I didn't even realize that I had used the A feature... or that this smart camera did it itself!

Meet Lizzie.

Please feel free to let me know which is your favorite! Gracias :)