Jul 27, 2010

Finally free!

I took my last final today! Well, sort of. I definitely don't have to study anymore and I don't have anything to do!! It feels very nice!
I do have a history final to take online. These are the instructions at the top of the test... "Choose the best answer. Use your book, past quizzes, and your notes from online lectures to answer the questions."
How awesome is that?! I made a 96 on my midterm. I would love it if all my classes were like that! haha!

Everyone remember Coal Kitty?
He was my college kitty. 
I saved him and his two siblings from being euthanized when I worked at the vet!
I had him when he was dis little!!
He was so itty bitty!! 
Gosh this makes me want a new kitten!

Anyways so he's a big kitty now...
He lived with me the last year and a half that I lived in Auburn. All my friends loved Coal!
I would take him with me when I went to my friends' apartments and they would all play with him. Well, there was this one apartment that had another kitty named Jonah and my best friends dog named Noah. So, when Coal went there he got a little crazy!
My two best friends that lived there had a touchy relationship with him because he LOVED to get under the bed and grab their feet from under the bedskirt! It was hilarious to me... but they didn't think so! They would scream and run out to the den and he would chase them!

I would also tell them funny stories like this one...
One day, I was in my apartment between classes and I was just cleaning up my room a bit. Coal was laying on the bed so I started petting him. Well, sometimes when you pet him he decides he doesn't really want to be petted right then so he grabs your hand and starts to do that kicking motion cats do and biting at the same time. He knows better than that because he gets punished for it! The second I move my free hand to pop him on the head he lets go and ducks his head. I flicked him on the head and said Bad Kitty!! Well he jumps up and runs into the hall. I sit down at my desk to get on my computer. My desk ran parallel to my bed and was right next to it so I could sit on my bed and work on my computer instead of sitting in the chair if I wanted to. Well, I felt Coal jump up on the bed and he ran up behind me and bit me on the shoulder and then hauled tail into the hall and down the stairs. I started cracking up!! I thought that was so funny that he wanted to get revenge!
My friends thought he was crazy and that all he did was bite and run and chase!

Anyways! My best friend with the little dog, Noah, lives in the same town as me. We graduated high school together so we have been friends a long time! She was at my house the other day studying and she went and sat on the couch to get more comfortable while she went through her flash cards. I look over there and this is what I see...
Coal has climbed up in her lap and about to fall asleep!
Leslie was so surprised that Coal Kitty was so lovey dovey! 
I think it's safe to say that they have renewed their friendship! haha

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Jennifer said...

Coal is so cute! Loved the story... and yay for school being done! :)