Jan 21, 2013

Better Blogging.

I am going to try to get better at this blogging deal. Although, I really don't have that much to blog about. I always wanted to be one of those bloggers that did many different things outside of horses and work. Like... cooking. That won't happen. Or making DIY posts... that won't happen either.

Let's face it. I'm just the normal blogger that doesn't have any creativity when it comes to writing blog posts.

There is one thing I can blog about. My new jewelry store on Etsy.

I opened this store a few months back selling my suede carrick bend bracelets. I have recently added some beaded bracelets that I am in love with.

I initially saw these bracelets at Fab'rik and was blown away by the fact that they are sold for $34. I would not pay that much for them ever. I said "hm, I can just make my own". So I did!

Same beads- some different, same charms, same string... way cheaper for me AND YOU!

My bracelets are only $15-$25 dollars depending on the beads/stones used.

I am in love and I can only hope that others will be too!

Feel free to visit my Etsy store!

I will also be having many giveaways on my Facebook page!