Jan 30, 2010

Some of my favortive things!

He's my favorite :)

Earrings. ALL earrings. But these are precious!
My boots.

Highly Recommend!

Anthropologie. ALL their bedding.

Jan 25, 2010

He's Black. Very Black.

My cat that is.


He thinks he's a dog. I'm not kidding. Actually, I don't know what he thinks he is! I do know that he doesn't think that he's a CAT! He talks, he gets annoyed, he cuddles, and he loves.
He adores me. :) who doesn't? Just kidding!
He does loooove to cuddle. I always wanted a cat that would sleep in my arms, crawl up into my  lap on his own and just sit without getting up in 2 minutes. Well, I have one! This cat would lay in my lap all day if I let him!

Coal's normal day includes: 1) Waking up and crawling on my back, stomach or laying against my side... whichever way I am sleeping in the morning. 2) Eating. After being asked if he's hungry of course. Which he replies with a long meow. 3) Going outside. He loooves going outside. He spends all day outside. He doesn't even use his litter box anymore. He would rather use the potty outside. 4) catching mole's in the front yard. I see moles on the porch all the time. Poor little moles! 5) Galavanting to the neighbor hood across the horse pasture. Hence the collar in the first picture. I caught him red handed coming out of one of the backyards over there when I was riding one day. 6) Come in and eat. You hungry? Meeeooooooooow. 7) Go to sleep on the back of the sofa. Tonight he switched places probably 4 times. he went from my lap to the pillow beside me, to the pillow on the other couch, to the back of the couch, then finally to the back of the green chair. Then he went and got in his bed after finishing his dinner.

I got Coal on May 23, 2008. I saved him and his two litter mates from 'the pink stuff'. Poor kids were about to go to heaven. I scooped them up and took them home. I decided to keep one to take back to Auburn with me. I had all three of them in my lap on the front porch and one of the little boys crawled up onto my shoulder and started licking my ear! I knew he was mine! This cat we use to have many years ago named Zorro did the same thing. I swear it's the same cat in a different body. Anyway, that is how Coal came to be a McCord!

Isn't he a Doll! :)
I love my Coal Kitty.

Jan 20, 2010


Hello!!! What cha doin!? What cha doin!? What cha doing!? Whaaaaattt!?

This is what I hear daily when I’m in the Peach palette working for Mrs. Beth. It’s Lila, the cutest little bird in the whole world! She’ll say a lot more than "What cha doing" and "what", but if she can’t see you then she starts going off!

Well, today I had her sitting in the windows up in front of the store. She loves sitting in the window. She whistles constantly, every one different. She says Hello! to people walking by and cars that pass. It’s hilarious!

Well, I was sitting at the desk doing a little work and I heard her squawking and flapping around. I looked up and there was a HUGE hawk flying towards the window. BAM! Into the window. It flew up to the roof… so I ran up to the window and scooped Lila up and put her on the railing that goes around the little garden in the window. I went outside and looked up on the building… let me just say that I didn’t know hawks were that big! It was huge! It looked down at me like it was saying get out of my way! That’s my dinner! It’s talons were gigantic. Well… I went inside and grabbed my phone (wishing I had my brand new camera!) and snapped some pictures of him.

Pesky bird.

He's HUGE!

But don't wory! Lila is safe, singing away!

Jan 19, 2010

New Camera!!!

I'm in love!

Be expecting great things from us! :)

Jan 4, 2010

A New Year!

A new year has come and we have already had some happenings in the McCord family!

My niece has been sick the past 6 days but is finally pulling out of it! My sister started having pains... went in for an emergency appendix removal and it ended up being an infection in her abdomen that was not making things happy! She is in recovery and smiling because she's famous! Why is she famous? Not because her appendix was the biggest the doctor had ever seen.... jk! :) I was checking my stuff- facebook, email, pioneer women....- I get to pioneer woman and find an ATL update! Linnie went to the Atl book signing... she had a picture of her cute outfit taken by PW's sister with PW's camera! She was so excited and kept talking about when the Atl update would be. Well it's here and Lin made the site! Find it here :) 19th picture down!
I immediately texted her a picture of it! She was very excited!

My mom, dad, and my two little brothers spent the new year in Boca Grande visiting my grandfather! The trip down was... awful. That car, bless its heart, is not made for long travels. I sat in the middle and my back was killing me the entire 7 hours. The trip back was worse.7 hour trip into a 10 hour trip. I love my Auburn tigers.... but all that traffic that the football game and the other two games put on the road was horrendous! but a plus... I only had to sit in the middle for about 4 hours! Hank and John took a turn for me!

BUT while we were down there we had fun! We visited with Pop and Lida Lee, we went shopping and walked to get ice cream at night... it was a fun little trip! I even took my Lola Belle to the beach! :)

One day we were out on the porch playing monopoly and a porpoise comes into the bayou that pop lives on and starts swimming around. I LOVE dolphins so I jumped on that with my camera! Another little one accompanied it and they were swimming around in circles on the opposite side of the bayou under this tree gathering up fish. They poked their heads out of the water a couple times and you could see a fish in their mouths. Well, they were circling and I ran down to the dock with Hank to take some pictures and one of them started coming our way so I got my camera ready waiting for him to pop up again... the sneaky thing came out from under our dock!!! I about wet my pants!! It came out of the water and blew and all i saw was dolphin... it was HUGE! I wish I would have gotten a picture of it! I think I really did almost wet my pants.

I hope everyone had a great New year! I'm pretty sure I went to sleep at 10:51 on New Year's Eve. I woke up at 12:06... happy new year... back asleep.
Be sure to check out Linnie on the Pioneer woman! :)