Nov 17, 2009

Bringing Friends home is Fun!

The weekend of Nov 6, I took two friends home that I have a few classes with at Auburn. I just recently became friends with Katie and Anna, but they are two of the sweetest girls that I have met in Auburn! I'm glad I was able to take them home with me and share our little piece of Georgia!
We packed up the car and headed out of Auburn on Friday. When we arrived we visited all my horses and a few of the young cows that are pasture mates to Flint. Mom had asked me to help with a catering job... so I also recruited them to help us, along with another new friend Bridget (she goes to the local university and is from north GA) and of course Joshua! We all dressed up and headed out to the barn to help cater!

Here we all are about to start serving!
Katie, Bridget, me, Joshua, Anna, and two young ladies that mom knows through the chamber.

Katie and my mom!
We had a lot of fun, but I know my feet were killing me by the end of the night!

Saturday started all the fun!! Bridget, Anna, Katie and I woke up and had cinnamon rolls then got started on getting all the horses' stuff together! We got saddled up and Josh showed up to take some pictures for us.

Anna on Rose, Bridget on Sassy, Katie on SoBe and Me riding Flint
We rode for about three hours and had tons of fun.

Me and Bridget!

We got back home, went and got some lunch at subway and headed out to Josh's barn to visit the pigs!

Anna loved the piggies! We got back to my house and went out to the cow pasture to play with the cows. There is this one particular cow that was raised on a bottle, I call her charlotte, so we went and gave her a few hugs! :)

Except... Charlotte got a little sick of us! so Katie didn't get a change to get a picture with her. so we chased down another cow.. she wasn't too excited about it either.. lol

Later, we decided to have a bonfire, so dad got it started while we went to walmart to grab some hotdogs and s'mores stuff!

Sunday we went to waffle house and got a late breakfast. We went back to my house and Anna and I rode horses for a little bit. Then Josh and I took a ride too! :)

Then We just hung out in the yard and played around with the dogs all afternoon! Soon Dad got off the tractor and got a gun out for us to shoot, under Josh's supervision! :)
Teaching Katie how to shoot!

After we taught Katie how to shoot correctly, i think she hit the can! :)
Anna taking a turn

And Josh shooting the cup in the air!

We were sad to leave sunday night after we ate some Cracker Barrel with my parents.. but we had to get back to school. Maybe we'll have another weekend at someones house sometime soon! :)

I'm going home in two days for eleven days!! I'm SO excited! I can't wait to see all of my family and my horses and of course Joshua! :)