Jun 28, 2013


In my last post about Coal (who is comfortably laying at my feet at this very moment), I mentioned a new name. Jeffrey. Just wait until you see this ball of cuteness.

There was an ad posted on facebook about two orange kitties that needed homes. They were cute and Linsey wanted a new kitty. We went a few days later to get one, but when we got to the house there were still two. There was no food and no water. How could we take one and leave the other?

 The other was to be mine.

I would like to say that we (Sister and I) saved Jeffrey (and Dennis who is Linsey's- shown below).

We brought them home and the rest is a fairy tale.

Jeffrey is the cutest thing ever. I think dad was all NO more cats, but then Dottie fell in love. Then dad fell in love with Dottie being preoccupied. hah!

He is now about 17 weeks old and is a spitfire of a kitty!

The special thing about Jeffrey is that once we leave home headed toward the nursing home something amazing happens. The second we pull onto nursing home road he conks OUT. I mean, out cold. He is the best pet therapy cat I have ever seen. It's like he knows what he is there for and just lays out. It is so neat!

On the way to see the old folks!

So far, Jeffrey has fit in well on the farm! He's a little skiddish, so I don't foresee him going outside anytime soon, but he and Coal are finally getting along. Coal loves him being here because he gets to eat regular kitten food instead of his urinary tract food.

Jeffrey already knows his name. He can be scratching on something and I say Jeffrey in a plain tone of voice and he just stops and turns his head... me?!  So cute.

More Jeffrey updates coming soon! I'm sure he will find some other great hobbies to take up in the next couple of weeks :)