Jul 23, 2010

8 days and counting!

Until my grandfather & I will be here..

and here...

and here...

and here!

and 9 other beautiful places!
More info to come!! I can't let all the fun stuff out of the bag... I won't have anything to talk about this coming week when I don't have to study!!! Until then... I'll be studying. Last final on Tuesday. Then I'm free!! 

I obviously borrowed these photos!! :)


codi.susanne said...

Molly! I'm so glad you're out of hiding - I love making new blog friends! Thank you so much for the recommendation of shabbyblogs! They were all so cute!! Have so much fun on your trip, I'm more than a little jealous!

Jennifer said...

Your going to have so much fun! My sis is headed to Scotland on the 9th with our grandparents.