Jul 20, 2010

Let's go Braves!!

Last Thursday Josh took me up to Atlanta for a Braves game! It was my birthday present, and a darn good one at that! Made it even better that the Braves won!

We had Dugout seats above the Braves and they were pretty awesome!

We were there for Gonzalez's first game! I didn't know it at the time... my brother told us when we got home. I actually took a good amount of pictures of him. He is batting in the picture above. 

He did very well! I know he got a double and I remember him getting another good hit later in the game.

My favorite, Chipper! I know a lot of people may not be really big fans of Chipper Jones, but he was the Braves Idol when I was growing up. He was the handsome one! :)

Chipper has definitely started showing his age! I hear this may be his last season... I'm not much on sports so I get all these updates from my brother! I think it would be pretty smart to leave with the coach that drafted you! I'm sure he has made enough money to last him... forever.

and we couldn't expect any less from Chipper..


Way to go Chip! Can I call you Chip?

My little cousin wanted Jason Heyward's Autograph..
This is as close as I got!
I love how they do all the players differently. I wish I would have taken more pictures of these!

Turner Field at night! It's so pretty!

They won! They hit hands and then Josh and I left! 
Well after we got a picture!! :)

The sweet lady I was sitting next to took it for me and I took one of her family in return! They had twin boys that were turning 8 that saturday and they were so cute! They were really nice people. We got lucky and had nice people on both sides! There was one lady that was acting a little crazy behind us... but I think there is one of those just about every time you go somewhere! 
I totally didn't know this, but you can take your own food and drinks into the stadium! How generous of them. Powerades/all drinks were $4.50. A Bag of peanuts was $6.50.
I WILL be taking my own food next time!! We even discussed sitting in the all you can eat/drink section for $45.00! Now that would almost be worth it. I think I'll just take my own food!

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Jennifer said...

How fun! Mt grandma took us to Arlington Tx years ago...we watched the Texas Rangers and I think it was the Diamond Backs. It was so awesome!