Jul 21, 2010

Horse Ride and Friends!

Yesterday evening Josh and I went riding with Chris and Crystal, the precious couple that got married back in June. This is only the second time Josh and I have ridden this Summer. It has been so hot that I can't ride more than an hour. I usually just grab Flint and go bareback around our farm for a bit. I have said in a previous post that Chris and I use to ride all the time. All the time as in all day, everyday of every week! I don't know how we did it... I guess it helped that I swapped horses every 2 or 3 hours, but I rode at least 6 hours a day and sometime more!
We definitely wouldn't ride that long... but we got in a good 3 hours yesterday.
Josh and I saddled up two of my horses and set off to meet them on Chris's farm! 

On the way there we passed the longhorn family! 

Daddy Longhorn approached to say Hi. Then he started swinging his head around trying to hit us with those big ol' horns! He only hit his head on the boards a couple times, then he hit the electric wire. I guess he decided he would stop after that.

Hello Daddy Longhorn!

Where we meet on Chris's farm is in the middle of a gorgeous pecan orchard. I always love taking pictures going through there. I was driving Josh crazy doing it, but they are pretty pictures! He's just gonna have to get use to the whole picture thing sooner or later! :)

This is a horrible picture because of the awful blurriness, but I love it because Josh and SoBe are going really fast and I don't have any pictures of him galloping on a horse! Lizzie and I were going pretty fast too.. hence the blurriness. 
I won't blame the blurriness on my little point and shoot! 

So we finally met up with Chris and Crystal and my camera started dying so I told them we had to take pictures before it bit the dust!

Chris/Misty and Crystal/April
Even Misty is smiling! :)

Josh and Me

It was a gorgeous ride! We rode through the hayfields and the woods. It was still a little hot but it cooled off pretty soon and the sunset was beautiful!

While I was in awe of the sunset, Chris's dad Mr. Herb snuck up on us! Doesn't he look cute in his cowboy hat! 

and then my camera died!

We all had a great time!
We are definitely going to go riding again soon. Before I leave to go to Europe and after all my tests next Tuesday.. I WILL be riding! I hope it cools off enough to be able to enjoy it!


LeAnna said...

That pecan grove is GORGEOUS! What a fun place to ride and take pics.

Lauren said...

The misty pecan grove picture is beautiful, I love it! When/where are you going in Europe?

Jennifer said...

How beautiful!! Looks like fun. Nothing is better than a late evening ride. :)

Jennifer said...

I just had to comment back, I saw on Blogfrog that PW visited you! How cool is that! I always wondered if she ever read other blogs. ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sweet comment, Molly! I love your blog...these pictures are gorgeous! Can I come visit you? Haha. I would love to live on a farm and be able to go ride my horses whenever I wanted...you are so lucky!