May 1, 2010

136th Kentucky Derby!

I LOVE the Kentucky Derby!!

This year my pick is the 6 horse, Stately Victor. He has a sweet sweet story (named after the owners sons best friend that was killed in a car crash). He races good in the slop and he's pretty!
Stately Victor

I will also be cheering on the number 1 horse and favorite. Lookin At lucky. That was my favorite horse by looking at them (i always cheer on the pretty ones!). Then I saw it was the number one favorite.

The number 3 horse, Noble's Promise. I like that horses story as well. 25 owners just looking to have a little fun!

I like the number 4 horse, the 2nd favorite, Super Saver. It's a 'Pletcher' horse. He has been training for YEARS. Has had 24 horses in the Kentucky derby and has never won! I just feel sorry for him. He has FOUR horses in this race! Maybe he'll win with one of them! Calvin Borel is one of his jockeys. Last year, Calvin Borel won the kentucky derby on a 50-1 shot horse, Mine that Bird. He went from DEAD LAST to first on the last turn. It was incredible! I don't like calvin... but you have to give him credit. he likes to ride the rail... they call him Calvin Bo-Rail at the track. haha.

and I also like Jackson Bend. I think I just like his name and he's very pretty! :) He's number 13.

So there's my pick!!

Riders up!!!!

And They're Off!!!!!!!

UPDATE: Once again... Calvin Bo-Rail did it again. (I'm kinda tired of him winning... but I'm glad Pletcher finally has a derby win!) Super Saver was able to grab the win. He was in fourth and fifth places the whole time and then took the lead right after the final turn.
I called it before it started... I said talking to my mom "the 4 horse is going to win no doubt. I wish Victor would get it though! but, the pletcher horse has it." she said ok and then it happened!

But I enjoyed watching it as always!

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Keepsake's Mom said...

I love that top picture. It is so crisp that it looks fake. I am glad you shared the story of Stately Victor as it is very touching.