Mar 17, 2011

Inside my phone #2

I love taking pictures with my phone. Especially if I don't have my camera around.
Most of my pictures are from horse rides or when I'm trying to make Josh mad by taking his picture! :)
 If you would like to take a peek inside of my phone then please scroll down! I love seeing other people's pictures, so I figured you would maybe like to see mine! (again!)

Welcome to were I live!
Home of the peach trees.
I love when they're blooming. It's so gorgeous. This picture doesn't do them justice. I'll get my camera out and go take pictures of them tomorrow after clinical. They're so pretty.

This is Chauffeur. He showed up on our porch this morning. I don't know if he'll stick around for very long. Once he figures out that our girl kitty, Cookie, is missing her ovaries then I'm sure she'll move along! I'm pretty sure he came from the 'petting farm' across the street. Also, his name is subject to change. I think all our animals have at least 2 or 3 names!

This is a llama. AND 2 sheep!! Those little sheep were so cute!
This picture was taken yesterday while I was riding my horse entirely too late at night. This time change is awesome! Except that I'm soo tired in the mornings!

These are m&ms. We have a jar at my house full of m&ms. You know the 5lb bags you can buy? Well, this jar was fairly new. They had only been in there a day. I stuck my hand in there, pulled out a handful, ate one as I was walking around the bar to sit by Josh, put my m&ms on a napkin and saw this. All orange and blue. It must be a sign! :) Love my Auburn Tigers!

This is my Josh. :)
I took this picture on Saturday, on our riding date!
He has now developed a love for riding horses. Not as strong as mine... but he will actually ride with me now! He loves SoBe!!

Riding with Josh, this time it's my horse's ears and the pretty blooming cleveland pears down our driveway. 

The cow on the right is Opie and the cow on the left is his other mama. I think he thinks that she is his real mom because she has a white chin/neck. Poor Opie! They are always together in the pasture. I don't think she has a baby this year so she adopted Opie. (BTW, I have had Opie for a whole year!! My little baby is growing up! here is his 1 month old post)


Jennifer said...

Mm! I bet those peaches are tasty too!

Anonymous said...

I love the peach blossoms right now too. & that's a lovely picture of your Josh on y'all's date ride, glad you got to have one!

The Chic College Cowgirl said...

aww I love the pics from your phone--so cute! I was out and about yesterday taking some pics of the flowering pear trees here in Oklahoma; aren't they gorgeous trees???

OK, so ummm, when I come visit...which I AM going to do sometime, hopefully with my cowboy taggin along...we should go riding. Because even though I'm a 'cowgirl' and live in Oklahoma, I rarely get to ride horses! ha.

You're almost on Spring Break, girl--woohoo! I go back to class next week, but I only have Tuesday/Thursday classes, so I can't complain, haha.