Mar 14, 2010

He's finally here!!!

My new pet!!
Isn't he gorgeous! Look at his precious little horns growing out of his head. The guy said they would be big in a few months... 

Ok.. I'm just kidding!!! I didn't get a moose. Well, elk. Whichever you would like to call him! I think he's an elk. Anyway, he lives down the street from my house with 2 or 3 more elk, but this guy is always standing out in the field when I'm on my way home from work. Josh and I went to feed the chickens at work (yes, we have chickens at work!) about the same time I'm usually leaving and he was there! I had my camera in my car (my brothers car) and I had to stop! He was so close that I just couldn't pass it up. He was farther away at first than he is in this picture, but he decided he didn't want me standing there and charged at me! well my flash went off and he halted then I took this picture! Here he is charging at me....

He's happy looking isn't he! haha

Ok now for the real new pet! Drumroll please!


This is my brand new 2 week old Holstein bull calf :)
He doesn't have a name right now.. just 'baby boy'
I'm in the process of trying to pick out a good name. I don't really want a 'pet' name... I want a random word or a clever one. He has kicked me twice and I know that I'll have at least one bruise because it's already showing up! So, Josh and I started calling him Kix/Kiks while I was giving him his first bottle, but I don't know if that will be THE name. Notice the perfect heart on his head... I might try to use that. That would be so much easier if he was a she!
We'll see!

In his new home until he joins his buddy Flint!

He was originally going to be $30, but the guy gave him to me. I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. 1- something might be wrong with him?! 2- he was limping on his front left leg.. so maybe the guy felt bad? 3- Josh says the Dairy market may be down and he wouldn't have been able to get rid of it anyways. And.. it was the only bull calf he had so why waste the gas to haul one calf when you would only get $15 dollars?! 
I'll just keep a close eye on him. He drank half a bottle today which is good. The guy said he got out of his pen and found his momma this morning before I got there so he probably got a nice big meal then! He said that I probably wouldn't get him to take a bottle for a day or so... he drank a pint and a half 20 min after I got him off the trailer! (Thanks to Joshua for trailering him to my house! and taking some pictures!)

I will update on him as he grows! :)

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Linsey said...

You have lost your mind. I still love you though :)