Mar 3, 2011

Going to the Town with wild Chickens in the Streets

I'm excited to see that girl and that boy this weekend!!!

I will be traveling south to this town. Some of my favorite family members live there and this is a heads up to them that I will be showing up on their doorsteps to say Hi at some point! :)
Y'all should go read up on my cousin's blog. He is an awesome writer and they live in a very interesting town. Hence my title. And He and his wife have precious children!

Back to the girl and boy, that girl happens to be one of my best friends! :)
I met Anna in my last year at Auburn. I wish I would have met her in my first year! We did everything together that last year and still keep in touch weekly. She lives in South Alabama and is in Vet Tech School.

She recently got engaged to that precious boy, Chris, and is getting married!!! Eeee!!!

They're coming to GA to see some of Chris's nieces/family that live there!

The picture above was the day that I first met Chris and also the first picture I ever took of Anna and Chris! It must have been fate because now I am going to do their engagement and wedding pictures! 

I am SO excited that I get to follow them around all day long on their day!
and very nervous! Anna has confidence in me though... so her wish is my command!

Josh and I can't wait to see y'all! And the Fam! :)


Trey said...

You better come and see me!!! :)

Linsey said...

I live in Alabama.
I have tame chickens in my backyard.
I am having a baby.
You haven't come to visit me since last fall - like a year and a half ago.

Anonymous said...

The pics are gonna be great & I'm glad you're excited about taking them!

Ashlee said...

linsey just called you OUT. so i will too. i live one the way to that town. what about my visit?

jmluckie said...

Looking forward to seeing you.Maybe you can take some chickens home with you.

Trey said...

Ash and Lin, don't hate! We can't help it that we are more interesting than you guys! :)

The Chic College Cowgirl said...

Aww, what a beautiful couple!!! I'm going to go check out his blog!

How have you been, girl??? I think about you and always wonder what you're up to! Make me blog and write more frequently--we have to keep in touch!

And by the way, I FINALLY got a pic of my Josh up tonight =) With his permission, I stole it off his Facebook page, haha.

Talk to you soon, sweet girl. Hope all is well =)

Anna said...

Oh how I love Molly!!! I'm sooo excited I got to see ya'll!!!!!! At first I was like, now why did she put that picture on there?? (Bc it's NOT that grand of me) But now I see why lol
I'm so ready for May to get here so I can see you!!
Miss you & Love you bunches!!! XOXO