Mar 1, 2011

A New Kind of Adventure!

This past Saturday, Josh and I went on an adventure!

We had this planned for a couple weeks and I was so excited about it!

Yep, Josh and I trailered my horses out to ride at the sod farm that was recently bought by one of Josh's pig buddies! Well, Josh trailered the horses out there. I just sat in the passenger seat and assured him that Flint would not flip us over with all the pawing and kicking he was doing.

I decided to take Flint, my stallion for those of you who don't know, and he did great. He wasn't too excited about riding in the trailer. It seriously felt like the trailer was going to flip over on the way ther! We stopped about 2 miles down the road from my house and I walked to the back of the trailer to check on him and he neighed out to me like 'Mom! Help me!" but, I assured him he was fine! ;)

We finally got to the old sod farm, 8 more miles down the road. It is actually right next to Josh's house so we were also able to ride on Mr. Luke's land. He has lots of trails through the woods, so that was a lot of fun!

when I got Flint off the trailer, he was soaking wet. He had gotten so nervous in 10 minutes that he was sweating up a storm. I walked him around a little bit and let him cool down. Then we saddle up and rode off! He did awesome while we were riding. I expected no less! He's such a great horse.

SoBe, the precious angel, she's like the perfect horse! Likes riding in the trailer, is very quiet while doing so... and will let pretty much anyone ride her!

Old sod farm!

Those things are.... Ginormous

Josh and SoBe waiting on Mr Luke to finish working on his tractor!
Look at Josh doing such a good job training SoBe to be a little show horse :)

My pretty boy!

We had a lot of fun!!

This was kind of a test to see how well they would do going off. SoBe passed the test. Flint... he did not. I think I'm going to leave him at home next time! Until I get my own trailer... he is safer at home! I think Sassy or Rose will get to go next time!

We have plans to go up to north-ish GA sometime. We were told about a place that has a ton of horse trails, so we are going to go try that out one weekend! 

Hopefully we will get to go fairly soon!

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Anonymous said...

Yay for a fun trip! & SoBe being super sweet!