Mar 14, 2011

The day I got to see a Beluga whale poop

In the previous post, I mentioned that Josh and I made a date out of our day in ATL. We really did have a great time. I love spending time with my Josh and everyone that knows me will tell you that. If we aren't together... we're probably on the way to see each other. We just never get tired of being around each other! Well, I won't speak for him... but I love being around Josh! :)

Well, after we left the first trip to the bookstore on our mission to get wristbands to see The Pioneer Woman...we went to The Big Easy Grill to grab some lunch.

As the name implies, The Big Easy Grill is a Cajun restaurant. It is a hole in the wall kind of place that is absolutely amazing. Most of you don't know much about Josh, but his dad was born and raised cajun in the heart of the louisiana swamps. We like to get our hands on some good cajun food if we can! The Big Easy Grill has shrimp, crawfish, scallops, and a lot of fish. We happened to come upon this place one day while in ATL when we were flipping through all the food choices on the GPS. We tried it out and loved it.

I always get a po' boy. Either shrimp or crawfish, but I like the shrimp best! Josh usually gets the same as me, but this time he got the shrimp/crawfish basket with Cajun Fries. Those fries are delicious; I'm not a big fry person either.

I wanted to take a picture of the inside of the place, but it was so crowded. We even shared a table with two other guys. The inside has all kinds of mardi gras stuff, lots of hats from all kinds of schools/colleges and sports teams (Even one hat from my high school!), and a lot of cool pictures. It's very small and everything is pretty much made out of wood. Really cool place. If you're ever in ATL and you like cajun food, I would definitely recommend it!

After Lunch... Josh and I went to the Georgia Aquarium!!
The World's Largest Aquarium (:

I had never been and it was SO neat! We were kinda bummed that it was 25 dollars a person, but being broke and in love we decided to go anyways! Good thing we did because once we got up to the window the people in front of us turned around and said "Here's two extra coupons that we didn't use, you guys can have them!" Guess what.... $15 a person. Saweet!

We got inside I turned on my camera to get ready to document the trip... low battery. Oh geez, I thought. I've got to some how take cool pictures of the aquarium and still have enough battery to take pictures of the gorgeous Pioneer Woman. I was so sad. Why didn't I check my battery!!? Big dummy.
I loved these guys. They are beautiful! They remind me of freshwater cichlids. Pretty bright colors!

Jellyfish are so cool.

Dory!! & Big lips back there

The funky dude. And I like that fish in the top left corner. Pretty sure he's like 'wise one' in Finding Nemo that lives in the dentist office tank.

Love this picture. :) Pretty whale shark

Scary shark. You think they all eat each other?! I mean like... the shark eat the other fish. It'd be so cool to be there during feeding time!

This picture isn't clear at all... but this ray had cheetah print all over! So pretty!!
He never came back by so I didn't get a good picture.

This guy was pretty awesome.

Whale shark!


This was taken right before this beluga decided to educate all the children on how they poop. It was a very interesting moment for all of us!

Love this picture. It's just so clear and I love the turtles expression.

All in all we had a fabulous trip to the aquarium. They are getting a dolphin exhibit on April 2nd, so I kinda want to go back this summer!

After the aquarium we went and met The Pioneer Woman, her husband, and her two boys. It was amazing.

After pioneer woman shook my hand and told me her son's horses name was Chuckie, not chunky, we meandered back to the parking lot. I was in awe and amazed that my life was in the same room as this amazing person's life and that it felt like 11 seconds.

We called Josh's cousin to see if he wanted to get dinner, but we couldn't get an answer. We just decided to go here
We had one of these in Auburn and I use to go there all the time. It is delicious! 

They had one of those new coke machines! There are more than 100 flavors of drinks, crazy! Have y'all seen the commercials yet?! Our small town probably won't be getting one of these for another year or so... probably more! Too high tech for ol' Pear.
You get some ice...

Then you choose what drink you want. Josh chose Hi-C. Gross Josh! haha

Then... you choose your flavor!! You can also just choose regular in the middle.
Joshua chose strawberry. I asked him why he made such a bold choice and he said "Because I've never had it before!" :)
I'm so proud of him trying something new!
But then.... how can you mess up HiC?!

Then you press the big button that says 'Press' and it spits out your drink!

It was pretty nifty!
I drank Diet coke flavored with Raspberry. Why? Because I've never had it before! :)
Then before we left I got Diet Coke with Vanilla because I use to looove Vanilla Coke! Then when I switched over to Diet coke and aspartame poisoning... they didn't make it. Now they do!

We sat down to eat and it was good. 

After dinner, we made a trip to the Georgia Tech campus to visit my little bro! He's so precious and cute. He's not really little... he's actually pretty tall. I'm glad we got to visit with him. My other little bro (the other little bro's twin) is living in Australia until July. I wish he had been in the apartment too. It would have been nice to see him instead of his door closed with a stranger on the other side. July will be here soon enough I am sure!

We headed home and reminisced about our perfect day that was had. Minus the bookstore lady lying to us. I can't wait to do it again!

The Cherry Blossom Festival is coming up soon and we live driving distance from it... so maybe that can be our next date!
I heard they have frozen chocolate covered bananas.... mmmmmm. I ate a lot of themat this place

Thanks to all my new followers that came over from Pioneer Woman. I really do appreciate y'all following and reading my blog!! Almost to 50 followers!! 

Until next time, I'll be schooling, studying, and riding my horse! :)
Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Like the pretty fish pictures!

jmluckie said...

Wild Chicken festival in Fitzgerald this weekend.Also many parachuters trying to set a new world record.Great pictures.

Joslinda said...

When I lived in Florida, seeing the Aquarium was the high light of any week. I love your photos, the colors are awesome, so bright and vibrant. I to, followed from Ree's page. You write with such emotion, it comes right off the page. Thank you so much for sharing, I look forward to reading the next post. Have a wonderful day!

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Selena @ Stoneyville said...

Hi, I found your blog through Pioneer Woman's blog (don't you just love her!) anywho I am now your newest follower, anyone who rides is aokay in my book, I just lost my boy a little over a year ago to cancer so I love reading about others that ride too!