Feb 21, 2011

My phone

I'm gonna be a total copy cat right now.

Pioneer woman just did a post on 'the photos from my phone'.

If I don't have my camera... I am constantly grabbing my phone and taking pictures with it.

I need to start carrying my camera around with me... seriously.

Enjoy the insides of my phone!

I took this photo early this morning at approximately 1:03 am
I heard that bark. The bark I talk about here. The bark that signals a creature of a different sort!

I thought about writing another post on the armadillo hunters cause they're baaaack! I should have backed up 2 steps for kicks when I took this picture.... there is a dead armadillo just to the right. I think you may can see it's tail! You would think that the opossum shown here would have known better!

Silly opossum. I saved the opossum. Which... now that I think about it I shouldn't have. Opossums carry a protozoa that can potentially kill horses. A protozoa that has attacked one of my horses. He has now passed away, not from the disease, but from colic. I haven't had problems with EPM since Musket was infected.

This is my beautiful boy! I have many pictures of him. This is the most recent... shaggy nasty coat and all.

This little furball lives at my dad's work!

This is me and Flint... hearding goats.
you know we do that almost everyday around here! I've never mentioned it?? Oh.  Maybe that's because we don't own any goats!!

This is the shadows of me and my friend, Jaclyn, while we were riding one day.

Ol' Gertrude is getting up there.... We have been together for over 82000 miles! 

Lola said Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I use to be an early bird and got to see the sunrise going through the country town on the way to school. I loved the silos in the sunrise. So pretty to me! 

Coal Kitty following up his Pre veterinary degree from Auburn with a Nursing degree. Smart Coal Kitty!

Blair and Josh making (counting!) Cookies!! It's what we do best at my house. Ask my dad! Also the reason I'm carrying around a few extra pounds. Notice the giant cookie dough bucket??
  Oh yeah, Mom, we're outta cookie dough!!
Don't know why this photo is so grainy and don't know why Blair looks like she just came out of the 80's with that hair!

This.... this is a rat. It lived where I work. Not my dad's... the pottery place. Thank goodness we no longer have these!!!

And lastly,
Me and my Opie boy!!!


jmluckie said...

Great pictures.

Jennifer said...

Your phone takes much better pics than mine!

Alicia said...

I love Pioneer Woman! I am making her mac and cheese tonight to go with my italian beef sandwiches! I wish I could blog like her! Her posts make me laugh so much, they are so stream of consciousness, it feels like you are right there with her! Great pictures!

Mommyblogger said...

I love Lola!

jax said...

I like the armadillo picture, and the shadow picture, and the last picture w/Opie, your camera phone photographs eyes well, no red eye!

CHERI said...

Love the pictures except you could have left out the dead rat!!! That's one of my two phobias...the other is needles!

Amy said...

Love that last pic! Missed you today over at wiww