Mar 9, 2011


Today it rained. It rained a lot.

I had an important date, too. I was so stinkin' excited about it! Then the rain ruined it.

It's been almost 2 weeks since I rode on the back of my beautiful steed.

Hopefully I will get to ride Saturday!

Also, It didn't help that today was one of the most stressful days that I have had since I left Auburn. I love nursing school, but this week has been a huge slap in the face. It's not as hard as Auburn Physics was... but it is pretty hard!

I've never been a huge test taker. That is a large problem for me. Ask me a question, tell me to teach you about the pathophysiology of Chronic Stable Angina and I can tell you anything you want to know... but do not put a paper in front of me and tell me to pick the 'best' answer out of all 4 answers that are right. It stinks.

Oh well. I guess I'll get it at some point!!

Until then, I'm trying to lower my blood pressure and looking forward to riding my horsey.

I'm also looking forward to meeting The Pioneer Woman. Like I had to put a link there.... you all know who she is, don'tcha!! ;)
I am so. stinkin'. excited!! (I like the word stinkin'.)

Josh and I are going up on Friday morning to pick up tickets at a bookstore that I have not yet identified. Then we are going to walk around Atlanta and pick up dimes and quarters off the street to buy us a hotdog or hamburger from the Varsity. I am broke y'all! But, I gotta go see Pioneer Woman. I just gotta!
I have to give credit to my sister Linsey for bringing this fabulous woman into my life. I started off reading Ree Drummond's 'horse' stories on her blog about the wild mustangs that they keep for the government. That was all I would read. I'll tell ya.... I thought this woman was crazy for letting her 2 and 3 year olds ride in rodeos! ha!  But I love her.

Thank ya linnie :)  Meet us up there?!?

Also, I made a new riding buddy friend the other day. She's been my neighbor for a while and even went to high school with Josh, but I never had met her! Well, her 3 horses decided they wanted to come visit my horses. They somehow got into my mares' pasture and were visiting! I was on the way home from Subway when my dad called me and said that the neighbors were out in our pasture trying to catch their horses. It was so nice meeting them. They are a nice family! I'm excited about riding with Lexi!  I'm so lucky to have people to ride with now. I use to always be looking and looking for people to ride with! Finally I don't have to search! Between Jacyln and Lexi, hopefully I'll always have someone to ride with. I'm just now starting to get Josh to ride a little more and that makes me excited too!

Enough talk for today. Hope everyone has a great rest of the week! I'll be working, pioneer womaning, and riding my horse.

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Alicia said...

WHAT!? You Get to meet THE PIONEER WOMAN! I LOVE HER BLOG! I am so jealous! Have such a great time!

Anonymous said...

I know I already said this but yayyy for Pioneer Woman!!!

& yay for riding buddies! I'm happy things are slowing down (a little bit, anyone), I've missed my friend/pony time!

Anonymous said...


jmluckie said...

It's all going to be cool.Keep the faith>

Jennifer said...

I wish P-Dub would come to my part of the world. ;) Have fun!

Rachel said...

Fun stuff!!