Mar 12, 2011

Meeting Ree... MEETING REE!!!!

EEEEE!!! It was SO exciting!!!!

I just love The Pioneer Woman!

I actually had a very interesting day... thanks to the bookstore lady that had no clue what she was doing, but I'll share that at the end as to not ruin the glory of meeting Ree!

Josh and I spent the day in Atlanta galavanting around until the moment arrived.

We arrived at the bookstore and went upstairs. Wait, let me rewind. We almost took 4 people out in the parking lot fighting for a parking spot. We had that awkward stare-down with a guy that appeared on the other side of a car that had just backed out.... it was like two bulls pawing  at the dirt.... wanting that spot. We chickened out and waved it off to him. It payed off though, we ended up getting a spot right up front! :)
Once inside, we rode the escalator upstairs and walked through the bookcases looking for any signs of people hovering around. We finally got to the back corner of the store and there were lots of people standing around. I saw the table and the backdrop, but no Ree.

It was about 6:00. I was fumbling around in my bag, freaking out about my low battery in my camera that I didn't even think about checking... then I heard "I'm here! Sorry I'm late!"

I was so excited to see her! She's so precious!! 

Since that old bookstore lady lied to me, I was in group E (which didn't end up being too bad) that was supposed to line up at 6:45. Ree had mentioned that she brought her husband and boys along, so I looked for that cowboy hat towering over the bookshelves, saw it, grabbed Josh's sleeve and pulled him toward that way! 

Great picture Marlboro Man and horrible picture of Me!
He signed my book and hugged me. Hehe.

If you ever read Pioneer woman, you know she loooves her Marlboro Man! She always takes pictures of his rear and shows them off for all women to see. Well, honestly I'm not a big butt admirer, except Josh's. :) But, All the other women there were butt admirers! There were two ladies standing behind me being super creepy trying to take a picture of his butt as we were standing in line waiting to meet Ree... I kept telling Josh that they just needed to go ask him and quit being scared about it! I'm sure he knows it goes on and I'm sure he wouldn't mind posing his rear for them. Plus, Ree told us to embarrass him in her little speech she gave! Then I thought, maybe Josh could just pose for them and they could pretend it's MM's rear. Haha!

So, unknowingly, I got a picture of MM's rear. How Ironic! AND I obviously wasn't worried about getting one, but Josh so graciously took this picture and included him in it!
Aren't their boys so cute! They were very shy, so I asked them what their horses names were and they told me, Paso and Snip. Of course I had to tell them that I had horses too! I told them that my horses name was Flint. Then Todd the younger of the two said "Well I have another horse and his name is Chuckie!" He was too cute!

And then the time finally came!! Group E was called (earlier than I expected!) and I waited my turn in line. We weaved in and out of bookshelves and talked to people around us (Found out the girl in front of me was an Auburn Grad!). I was about to sweat to death at one point. We were all grabbing books off the shelf using them as fans. 
Then it came. I got to meet Ree!!
Ree signing my book and me freaking out.

Ree smiling for my handsome boyfriend.
Oh and there's me right there next to The Pioneer woman!

Ree and me up close!
(You think I could have opened my eyes a little?!)

I'm pretty sure I made myself look like a fool when I talked to her! Josh was upset that I didn't tell her I was "Molly from View From a Saddle". I was just so nervous!! Do you think she really reads other peoples blogs anyways?! A girl can dream :)

This is how our conversation went:

Me: Hi!
Ree: Hi! How are you?!
Me: Hi!
Ree: Hi! 
(Ok Jk about the second Hi!)
Me: I'm doing great, it's so good to meet you, I don't even know what to say!
Ree: Oh you don't have to say anything!
Me: But it's so good to meet you!
Ree: You look so cute! I love your top.
Me: Oh Thank you! Thank you so much (Thinking: oh my gosh, she likes my top!)

Me: I already met your husband and boys. Those boys are so precious! I was asking them their horses names, Chunky and Paso, they're so cute!
Ree: Oh Thank you!
Me: Wait, was it Chunky? No... it wasn't Chunky (I die out laughing)
Ree: (Ree dies out laughing too) No, it's Chuckie! That's ok you can't really understand what they say most of the time!
Me: Oh yes! Chuckie! It was Chuckie, not chunky!
Ree: (Still laughing)
Me: (Thinking: yay I can make her laugh)

Then we said our goodbyes and I shook her hand and told her again that it was so great meeting her! Then we walked out of the bookstore and I felt like the last hour of my life lasted 11 seconds.

It really was so great meeting her! I loved it!!

Thank you sweet, precious, handsome Joshua for taking pictures!! I wanted you to be in one!!! You little devil! :) I love you more than words! 

Oh, the lady that didn't know what she was talking about. We arrived at the bookstore at 11:00 AM to find out about getting the wristbands for meeting Ree. I asked the lady what time was the earliest we could get our wristbands and she said "Oh you just need to be here around 5 and we'll get you a wristband then and you can get in line."
I thought, I'm sorry but that doesn't sound right from what I've heard. But, why question the lady that works at the bookstore?! So, we left a little disappointed. We ended up making our day in Atlanta a fun date that will be the next post!
I get a text from Josh's mom stating that her work friend got in the 5:30 group because said friend's dad went by there at 12 and got wrist bands.
I was livid. Livid! I called the bookstore, "Oh yeah we started handing them out at 2". Well I told them that the little lady that actually works there told me to be back at 5 PM earlier when I was standing at the counter at 11 AM, after driving 2 hours, trying to figure out their schedule, so now I possibly had a chance of not even getting a wristband!
Luckily we got there around 3:45, they still had some. No worries there, but I let them know I wasn't happy about being told wrong. They didn't seem to care about my feelings at all. So, I hope their sales were down. 
Ha. Just kidding.

All was well, I got to see, meet, hug and shake hands with Ree and all was right in the world for 11 seconds. (Ok maybe a little more... like 3 minutes.)

P.S. Again, incase you skipped the small print, stay tuned for a post on my wonderful Date Day with my Joshua! :)


Anonymous said...

I'm glad things worked out even though the old lady lied to y'all! & it's cool Ree was nice enough to pose for pictures!

Jennifer said...

How fun!!!!!

CHERI said...

Glad you had fun. I would definitely not have been happy with that bookstore lady. You were more gracious than I probably would have been, but I'm sure they could have cared less! You look really cute and now you have a wonderful memory! However, MM's butt isn't nearly as cute as your Uncle Johnny's!

theresa EH said...

You lucky gal!!! AND to meet her boys also...I am not envious at all, no really,,,,
Theresa in Alberta

Anonymous said...

Hey! I remember seeing you there, and you're actually in a couple of my pictures I believe. I have yet to post them on my blog. My fiance is in the very left corner in the white shirt of your picture with the boys and MM's butt. :-) We drove 4.5 hours from Nashville to be there, so we got there around 5pm and were in group G. So we definitely had to wait a while, but at least we got to meet MM and her boys before waiting in that long line!

Amy said...

We got to meet her in NYC the first day her book came out. It was awesome... I made a fool out of myself as well.

She is so super nice! Gload you had such a great time. Bonus you got to meet her family! Cool!

... said...

Love that your boyfriend thought you should have told Ree about your blog. I think it's adorable when our men just automatically assume that others want to know us too! :)

Mommyto3andahusky said...

You met P-dub! yay!!!!! I love her! I just found your blog and became a follower! :)

Cindy said...

I have not met Ree but would love to!! I stalk her blog every single day. I would probably fall all over myself in a big ole stutter if I did meet her though. Your horse is really pretty by the way. My daughter has a horse too!

MommyGray said...

How fun! It's especially neat you got to meet MM & the boys!

Anonymous said...

Uploaded all my pics from this weekend if you wanna check them out! :-)

Euharlee said...

Great to see a Ga girl loving The Pioneer Woman! Hopped over from her blog when I saw a local. So jealous! I didn't even realize she was in town!

The Chic College Cowgirl said...

Oh my goodness, LOVE THIS POST!!!!!!! What awesome pics! SO very sweet of Josh to tag along and be your photographer...precious!

I have yet to me Ree; can you believe this??? I only live, oh, and hour or so away from her! ha. She was at a local bookstore 2-3 weeks ago, but I had 2 huge tests the next day and just couldn't give up the studying time. I'm such a nerd; no fun! I will meet her someday though!

Josh and I will also be meeting you and your Josh someday--I'm determined to make that happen! I told my brother a summer trip to GA may have to be in the works =D

Talk to you soon, girl!

paint_horse_milo said...

Thats exciting!

The Kissin S Ranch said...

LOL!! I just LOVE her too and would have been just as nervous to meet her. Glad you did it though, I chickened out of even going :(