Mar 31, 2010

Opie at a month!

Opie is 4 weeks old! He has changed a lot since I've had him. I've just started noticing that he is growing. He just looks taller. He has a lot more personality as well! He pops right up out of his straw bed when I go over to feed him in the mornings. He won't even drink from the bottle anymore, his head goes straight down into that bucket. He is so funny... When I put the bucket down before I pour the milk in he will put his head down in there and 'bump' the bucket and then get down on his knees as if he's trying to get down farther just incase he can't reach it! One time I turned around and he had the bucket on his head walking around. He always makes me laugh!

After he drinks his milk, I halter him and take him out to the pasture. He is staying by himself for now because he would chew off the bottom of Flints tail if I put them together... and I'm quite sure he would try to nurse on Flint! I'm going to let him get past his baby stages before I put them together, but they get to see each other everyday, hopefully they'll get along.

He stays outside all day with his hay and grain. He eats more and more everyday which is really good. I'll still keep him on milk replacer until he's well over 2 months.

Opie, poor thing, will lose his manhood sometime this week. I guess that's what comes with being a male animal! I'm sure he won't notice :)

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