Mar 25, 2011


Or Jenny, or Jennie. Whichever!

We're going to have a little naming contest. Think of a name for my donkey and I'll give you a hug! :)

I have a few names floating under the radar, but none have stuck yet. 

She arrived the day I left to go to spring break so I didn't even get to meet her until late last night! Josh came over and fed her for me and made sure she was ok. I moved her in with the horses today and they were not too pleased. She may end up being a pasture hopper. I don't mind her being up front with the cows, but I want her close to the house so I can play with her!! She's sooo cute! :)

On other news, I went up to the cow pasture to get her and my little Opie saw me and literally ran up to me and gave me a hug. he's such a precious boy. Then he followed me around like a puppy dog! Trying to poke his little horns in my butt. haha

He's such a precious doll!!
He doesn't really look as fat in person as he does in this picture. I think I caught him turning around to scratch!

I was greatly missed by my animals while I was gone. Flint heard my voice last night and let out a huge whinny! Lola was glad to see me and so was Coal Kitty! He wouldn't even sleep in his little bed last night. He had to be right up against me all night.

I'll be back soon to post a real blog on Boca Grande and my trip to my friend Rhiana's house! I love going to her house because we get to go to the thoroughbred farm and ride off the track thoroughbreds! :) so much fun!


Jennifer said...

She's so cute! How about Annabelle?

jmluckie said...

How about Georgia.She looks like most Georgia players when she's walking away from you.

CHERI said...

I knew it was either a donkey or a mule! Personally I like the name Jennie. Or how about Jackie?

Anonymous said...

Well, I can only judge from pictures but she looks super cute!

I like Ginny. Or Gypsy. Or Jelly Bean. Or Jackie. Haha!

Rising Rainbow said...

For some reason Daisy hit me when I say here. Have no clue why. Funny how that happens sometimes and other times I can months to figure out names. LOL

Anna said...

Well, you could keep with the Andy Griffith theme & name her Aunt Bee lol, or for some reason I wanna call her Fran...or Frannie lol