Jun 22, 2010

Armadillo Killers. Part 2.

I never really told you this part of the story.
Tug is an avid armadillo hunter. He and Cutie Pie leave for hours at a time; we just figure they are hunting armadillos! They could be hunting other stuff I guess... but we kinda have... proof... if you want to call it, that they do in fact hunt armadillos on those long nights. 

I have never gotten pictures of it before, but Tug came back from one of his nightly armadillo outings this morning. Mom, Blair and I were sitting on the front porch swinging when Tug came around the corner. I said hey buggy! He comes running up on the porch for attention, which he receives! 

After a couple minutes sitting there, he starts pawing at his mouth... like so.

Tug? What's wrong? Mom said he's trying to get that bug off his nose! Uh.. I don't think so...
Yep... just what I thought!

A stick.

When Tug and Cutie go out hunting for armadillos they have to dig lots and we figure that they have to dig through some roots or something. As they are digging they are biting at the armadillo and biting sticks/vines in the process!
This is the 8th time Tug has gotten a stick stuck in the roof of his mouth over the past year or so! Dad, correct me of that time is wrong! 

This is the smallest stick of all of them so far. It's more of a vine than a stick. They are usually big, round, brown, root looking sticks. 

So, that is our proof! These armadillo hunters are hardcore.

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CHERI said...

GROSS!!!! Good thing for him there is a vet-at-heart in the house!