Jun 2, 2010


We all know it's summer when these guys come around!! 
I've hit 2 in my car... killed one of them.. oops. It was an accident!
This little green guy was on our front porch last week. I just love a snake with NO intentions of biting! I wish we could have kept it! :)

I shall call her Marie! :)

Hank and Marie! She was very long!
But, we let her go. Hopefully our new addition and Coal kitty don't get her!

Oh...New addition?!... Josh and I call her Sky. 

Everyone else calls her something different... Almost like every other animal on our farm! 
Her real name is Cookie. Well, we call her Cookie, Reba, Van Gogh (I'm not sure who said that one... I just know I've heard it!) and Sky. 
Mom adopted her from a family in the big town north of here... their neighbors were trying to get rid of her in ways that I'm not aware of. Why? I don't know! She's absolutely gorgeous!

More posts on Cookie/Sky/Reba in the future!

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