Jun 20, 2010

Crabs, Stingrays, and Sand...

Josh and I made it back safe and sound to a house of about 30+ people! My whole entire family from my Mom's side was here for a reunion. I was so happy to come home to LOTS of family!

Our trip down to Florida was a lot of fun! We stopped by our 'shack' in panacea. I wanted Josh to see it and I haven't been there in almost 10 years, so I wanted to see it as well! It hasn't changed a bit.. and Josh proved that. We drove up and he said "oh my gosh... what the heck is this place". Ok, so remember I said shack? Well, it's a shack. 4 walls and a roof. It's not much to look at for some, but I love panacea. We went there when we were little on little beach vacations and I have so many memories there. We also have a new dock! well, not new anymore, but new to me! It's very big! All of ours have gotten taken away by hurricanes... except this one! So, here's panacea! Enjoy!

We departed from the shack and headed towards St. George. My mom had told Josh and me not to get eaten by any bears down there. We saw these signs and I though it was hilarious. They were all the way up until the bridge to St. George!

Then we finally made it to St. George!
Josh and I were a big fan of a lot of the beach houses!

This one is my favorite! I loved the copper roofed houses.

We got to the state park and we were early to check in so they told us to go be tourists basically! We went back to town and stopped at Aunt Eddy's to eat lunch. It was sort of like a subway, but not quite as good. Subway was next door... but we decided to eat something different. I am a firm believer of not eating restaurants that are in your hometown when you are on vacation. I just like eating at new places!

We got all situated and headed out to the beach to swim. It was HOT!
Then we went to eat at a yummy place called Oyster Bay. I had steamed oysters and Josh had blackened grouper! (I think!)
I took my laptop so we could watch movies, so that is what we did at nighttime. Shutter Island was one of the movies we watched. It was pretty good! Kinda freaky.

Saturday, We headed out to the beach pretty early and stayed until 3. 
It was so gorgeous there.

A thunder storm started rolling in so we packed up to go get ready for supper. We went and ate at the Blue Parrot. It is an ocean front restaurant with sandwiches and lots of yummy stuff. Josh and I both got Fried Grouper Sandwiches. They were really really good!

After we ate, we headed back to the beach to walk while the sun set. :)

We saw 4 or 5 of these guys.. I love them! They are so graceful!

We had lots of fun! Thanks Joshua for a great beach trip!
Hopefully we'll get to go back to the beach before school starts!

Happy Father's Day Daddy!! I love you!!!

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