Jun 15, 2010


That is the new photography assignment on Pioneer Woman this week!!! 
I'm not a big fan of bugs, but there are some gorgeous bugs in this world!

I took a study break (which I probably shouldn't have done) to go outside and look for some bugs! I found one!!

He is gorgeous and here is the photo I submitted of him today!

I looove his eyes! 
I shall call him Evinrude! 
(like the one in the movie The Rescuers!)

At first Evinrude was not too fond of me getting in his personal bubble. He was switching from this one little spot in our flower bed to another spot over in the grass. I just sat down by the flower bed and waited for him to come back around. He finally did and I finally got close enough to get some pretty good pictures. Then, THEN Evinrude and I became best buds and he starting showing off with his little eyes and mouth. By this time I was pretty much laying in our front yard trying to get this awesome picture! :)
He was very patient and I thank him very much for that!! 

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