May 10, 2010

Armadillo Killers.

Saturday night we had our yearly fiasco! Josh and I were sitting on the couch watching 27 Dresses, which I love, when Cutie Pie started barking. This bark was not a "I hear something out there!" bark or a "get out of my way Tug!"... it was a "There's an ARMADILLO digging at my people's house!" kind of bark. I said I bet there is an armadillo out there! Last time she barked like that there was an armadillo digging down into the corner of the concrete walls that make up our basement.
I ran out side and sure enough there was an armadillo waaay down in a hole in the same corner! I ran inside and told dad he said 'go let Tug out, he'll get him!' By that time mom was outside with a flashlight along with Josh and I was hanging out the window above the armadillo getting ready to go let Tug out. Well, Mom touches the thing with the flashlight and it jumps up out of the hole at her. She was freaking out and trying to get back up on the porch and Josh and I were about to die laughing.
I ran to let Tug out of the pen and brought him to the porch. Oh man, he saw that thing and they were gone! The armadillo, lets call him Dan, went up under a bush and dug its way down. Tug starts digging after him, and digging, and digging, and digging! This picture does not do this hole justice.. it just kept going and going.

Tug finally caught Dan and drug him around by his tail... a bunch of crunching and ripping later... they finally got him to where he couldn't run very fast.... so we thought.
They played a little tug-a-war

Tug carried him around... dropped him and tried to get Dan to start running around...
and then he did!! right towards me and mom! I jumped probably four feet off the ground and ran the other way while it tried to attack mom! 
Then the killers were proud.
Cutie the Killer!
and posing Dan

and Tug the real killer!

Eventually Dan just looked like a normal armadillo.
Poor Dan!


Linsey said...

Oh my gosh I love it!

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undomestic chica said...

Wow! I didn't realize armadillos dug into houses and stuff!