Jun 14, 2010

Mama Pig

This is mama pig.
Josh's mama pig that was once a showpig 

She doesn't usually live in this contraption thing... but she will for the next month. She's going to be having babies verrryy soon. She is verrryy large.

I just got a live update: she hasn't had them yet as of tonight. I predicted tonight... we will see!!

Oh, and don't worry, she doesn't mind being in there. She gets ALL the food she wants and lots of attention! and lots of babies. 

She has been mama pig for as long as i have known her. 2 years. She has had 3 litters. This will be her fourth. I can't even count on one hand how many champion/reserve champion pigs she has brought into this world. She herself is the Georgia National Fair Grand Champion Duroc of 2007. She's pretty big time.

But for now.. we're just waiting for all those tiny little piglets to pop out!
and she's sleeping.

My piglet prediction: 13
Piglet pictures coming soon!

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