Oct 2, 2010


Who likes rainbows?!

My horses do! :)

I love tack. I could buy a new piece of take everyday (even if I didn't use it) and be happy for the rest of the day!
I went to our local feed store yesterday to pick up some cow feed for Opie man and picked up this new halter! I pointed it out to Josh and was talking about how pretty it was. Then Carl, the owner, said Hey Molly we got some new tack! He came over picked the rainbow halter up and said what do you think about this? I said I like it! I like it a lot actually and I am thinking about getting it! It was the last one he had. Then he said, "Well I picked up five in Texas at a tack warehouse thinking they wouldn't sell... They've been here for 3 days and this is the last one. We sold one 20 minutes after they were hung up on the rack!" Well, that just did it in for me. I decided that I had to have that rainbow halter!  

p.s. The reason why I had to go get cow feed: My 4 mares decided they wanted to roam the farm for a while. Well, SoBe decided she wanted to roam the farm and opened the gate. They ate a whole bag of cow feed... a whole bag!! Like... 40 pounds! I was an hour away at the time and Bridget, who found them, was late for class and couldn't get them back in.. I called Josh and he went over and got them back in the pasture for me. Thanks Joshy! They also ate Bridget's horses food. Another 1/4 of a bag. I was worried about them foundering, but they are all ok thank goodness! You can go read up on it. I won't go into the details, but it's a nasty nasty thing to deal with. 
Now there is a double chain on the gate.... see if you can get that open, SoBe!!

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CHERI said...

Love the rainbow thingies! Everybody needs a little dolling up now and then!